Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Children Watch HAMAS Murder Israelis

HAMAS has located its rocket launching sites very close to places where CHILDREN play so that, when Israel retaliates against its murderous rocket attacks they take a chance on killing those CHILDREN so they will have a good propaganda event to use in condemning the Israelis. This is p roven by a photo run in (believe it or not) the New York Times, fergawdsakes!

TREATING CRIMINALS AS EQUALS: Why do we treat HAMAS as we would a government entity and try to “talk with them” to keep them from wantonly MURDERING Israelis?: They‘re MURDERERS! They KILL people to advance their agenda, which is to destroy a legitimately-organized government! Why don’t we just all get together and DESTROY them instead of suffering their existence?

DEMOCRAT VIEW”: “If it moves, tax it; if it keeps moving, regulate it; if it stops moving, subsidize it.” This quote came from Ronald Reagan through author Jamie Johnson on Twitter. She attributed it to “government,” but it is really attributable to the Democrats.

INCOMPETENCE IN GOVERNMENT: Incompetence is rampant in government all over the world, worse in Europe than it is here. They BELIEVE in socialism, which is at the bottom of ALL the economic problems they are ALL dealing with incompetently. Until they “wise up” and abandon socialism (which is but one form of collectivism) they will continue to have financial problems with those who still have money “propping up” those who don’t.

HAMAS IS STUPID: They think they can “rain rockets” on innocent people every day and not “pay a price.” Well, they have “paid one price” when they lost one of their leaders the other day when Israel did a “pin-point bombing” of a car he was in and killed him. If they keep it up, they’re going to pay an even bigger price.

SMOKE? NO HIRE: Companies who presume to tell their employees they can’t smoke, even at home, do not have that power. And they CANNOT require their employees to submit to  nicotine tests. What their employees do on their own time is NOT the business of their employers as long as it is not unlawful. A lawsuit would solve this problem.

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