Saturday, December 15, 2012

As Usual

"Anti-gun FOOLS are predictably crying for more "anti-gun laws," Even though EXISTING anti-gun laws did nothing to stop this fool from killing 20 children in Connecticut. Insanity is "doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result." So why do they do it? Their whole premise is illogical, so why not this?

SUSAN RICE HAS QUALIFICATIONS: UN ambassador Susan Rice has all the right qualifications to be the Secretary of State in an Obama administration. She has proven her ability to LIE with a straight face on all the Sunday television programs when she insisted the Benghazi raid was because of a not-too-well-known video nobody has ever seen when she KNEW otherwise. she has wisely asked that her name be removed from consideration. she can now add the CONSIDERATION to be Sec. of state to her resume.

CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK: Palestinian militants (who send rockets into Israel every day, killing many innocent people), are going whining to the UN about Israel’s retaliation strike that killed a top Hamas leader. What the hell did they THINK would happen if they keep on shelling Israel?

WHY NOT ATTACK? We now know who attacked the Benghazi consulate and killed four American diplomatic personnel, including the ambassador. The MEDIA found their LEADER sipping a latte in a coffee house. Why haven’t we sent in a squad to kill those people? Are they afraid of “offending” the current government in Libya, which stood around and let it happen (as did Obama)? This is SO typical of Obama. Go after his critics, guns blazing, and “wimp out” when Islamic terrorists kill Americans.

IF HE LIES HE’S OBAMA’S MAN: The former ASSISTANT Director (now director) of CIA is to testify and is expected to say the CIA in Banghazi did NOT ask for help. If they didn’t, THEY are the incompetent people. Oh well, it was a “self-correcting problem.”

A BRAVE MAN: I THINK Obama’s thugs came to Petraeus and threatened his job if he didn’t testify the way they told him so he “called their bluff” and resigned, I think he’s a brave man and he told them to “go to hell.” Keep watching; we’ll see.

“AH WUN; IT’S MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY”: That’s basically what Obama is telling people all over Washington. This is how he “works with the other side.” No matter what lies he tells, he has NEVER “worked with the other side.” He has always frozen them out.

I don’t know what he’s got going with UN Ambassador Rice, but he “went ballistic” in a news conference the other day over criticism of her going on not one, but FIVE “Sunday shows and told the “administration lie. He says they “should come after me.” I got a clue fore ya, Barry, they WERE.

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