Sunday, December 2, 2012

Is McCain A Racist?

Not even! In his entire career he has never been called a racist by anybody who is to be believed. He SUPPORTED “equal opportunity” laws, something a racist would not do. He has done many things in his career that proves he is NOT a racist. But he is opposing something that Obama wants with his criticism of Susan Rice in her bid to become Secretary of State, so in Obama’s world, he MUST be a racist. Susan herself has called him that. Apparently she sees nothing wrong with her LIES about the Benghazi murders. She thinks racism is the ONLY reason McCain would oppose her nomination. What a STUPID broad, black OR white.

OBAMA WONDERS WHY STATES REJECT HIS HEALTH CARE PLAN: It’s obvious to me, and I’m just a guy out here looking, without a lot of extraneous intelligence. Obama has told them they MUST create a “Health Care Exchange” at THEIR EXPENSE to aid him in imposing his health care swindle scam upon them. Many states have said, “Go to hell. We’re not going to spend OUR money to advance YOUR scams.”

They tell us things like a crucifix buried in elephant dung or urine is “art.” Things that require some degree of TALENT are not. I am an artist. I do photo-realism. But I can’t sell it because of this distorted definition of what IS art, imposed upon us by the elites of society using the simple method of saying “If you don’t like it, you’re too stupid to know what IS art.” In other words, “If you don’t understand it, I can’t explain it to you. That argument is STUPID, but it seems to be effective.

Obama has “offered up” the SAME plan he presented to Congress that was SOUNDLY DEFEATED without a SINGLE VOTE in favor (not even a Democrat) before. And Democrats still call it a “rational plan,” which it is NOT. Damn, I get TIRED of hearing Obama presenting bad plans while his henchmen (and the media) swear to them.

MORSI SEND HIS PEOPLE OUT: Egypt President Mohammed Morsi (and the Islamic Brotherhood), getting tired of the demonstrations AGAINST his taking of dictatorial powers, has sent his Islamic Brotherhood SUPPORTERS out to demonstrate against the demonstrators. I wonder how much he paid them? Like the paid demonstrators OBAMA sent out in the past: buses full of union members getting $11 an hour.

OBAMA MADE RACE RELATIONS WORSE: Many people said, when we elected Barack Obama, a half black, half white person president, that this action would FOREVER end racism in this country. Not so! Obama himself, and all his “gang of thieves” spend a lot of time “fanning the flames” of racism by calling EVERYBODY who disagrees with him and his socialist policies racist. This is so obviously and completely a LIE, that nobody should buy it. But his ignorant supporters do. It’s a good way to avoid criticism without having to answer his critics’ charges.

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