Saturday, December 29, 2012

Obama's Crimes

Watching while terrorists murdered an ambassador in Benghazi, Libya and selling guns to Mexican drug lords are just TWO of his crimes, both of which killed people. His other crimes include IGNORING the Constitution on a regular basis and spending more of our money than there IS. So why has no one seriously tried to impeach him?

“BACK INTO A RECESSION?” Economists say “going over the fiscal cliff” will push us back into a recession.” I say we never LEFT it. What’s more, Obama not only doesn’t care if we “go over the cliff.” He WANTS us to because that will help him destroy the Republican Party, make it more easy for him to move us to socialism, and leave the Socialist Democrats in complete charge for the foreseeable future.

“GIANT WHOOSHING SOUND”: That sound you hear is the government sucking more and more money out of all of us with every breath we take. Obama wants nothing but higher taxes. So does your governor, and your mayor, all of whom are constantly figuring out more and better ways to suck money out of you. Then there is the Fed, which does it by counterfeiting money. That’s what “Quantitative Easing” is. Printing money with nothing valuable behind it, which DILUTES the value of every dollar in our pockets. They’re coming at us from BOTH directions. If you don’t realize that and DO something about it, you DESERVE to be LOOTED of ALL your money.

ERADICATING ACHIEVEMENT: That’s what Obama is after, and he’s working hard to do it. He’s taxing them higher than anybody else while making regulation after regulation to make it more difficult for them to make ANY money. ANYTHING that might make them any money he bans: like the oil pipeline from Canada South. There’s an “oil boom” in the “hinterlands” and he’s doing his best to put a stop to it. We need to ERADICATE him (To those government agents reading this, I mean legally.).

LAUGHING AT FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: Somebody on “The Five” on Fox said, “the Republicans are at least trying to do something good” and got a laugh from all corners of the room. This, on the network the liberals SAY is CONSERVATIVE to a fault. What FOOLS these liberals be!

HOLD IT UNTIL AFTER THE ELECTION: Obama held the latest employment figures until just AFTER the election. His administration also told the news media not to report on the ILLEGAL ALIEN who was also a child abuser and was working for a DEMOCRAT congressman.

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