Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Truth is Insulting

And it’s RACIST, according to Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC). He specifically refers to people who call Obama lazy, incompetent, and a liar. He also refers toUN ambassador Susan Rice for LYING INTENTIONALLY to the American public. Liberals think black people in power should be “given immunity” from ANY criticism because of their race. That’s as RACIST a statement as I’ve ever heard.

INCOMPETENT POLITICIANS: Nancy Peelosi, the House Speaker, says she will not go along with ANYTHING that doesn’t contain “tax hikes for the rich” (except for her, of course) when the rich are the very people who CREATE all the jobs if they’re allowed to keep the money they EARN and don’t have to give it up to the LOOTERS like her who do NOT earn it and give it to the MOOCHERS who don’t.

DIFFERENT STANDARDS: Democrats are screaming loudly about a national hero who has saved much for us having an affair outside his marriage; mostly because his testimony makes a LIAR out of the “liar in the White House” and they couldn’t stop him. But where were they when Bill Clinton had his MANY affairs outside of his marriage (and is STILL doing it)? They were out saying “it would make no difference in his ability to lead). Are they STUPID, or just IGNORANT?

PUNISHING ACHIEVEMENT: This is what incompetent politicians do. “The rich” are the people who create ALL the jobs by coming up with products and services a lot of people WANT to buy. Liberals (socialists) HATE them and want to tax them at a much higher rate than they do ordinary people, which tends to remove the INCENTIVE for them to PRODUCE more products and services that improve this economy. Meanwhile they SAY they’re trying to “improve the economy.” What a LOAD of BS! Why do we (not me) keep electing and re-electing these imbeciles?

STICKING TO THEIR STORY: The White House is “sticking to its lies” that UN ambassador was only telling what the then intelligence was when she LIED about the cause of the attack on the consulate that killed four Americans, including the Ambassador. We now KNOW that WAS NOT the “current intelligence” and she LIED on FIVE Sunday shows. Being CONSIDERED to be Secretary of State is her reward for those lies. Even if she doesn’t make it, she can add “being considered for Secretary of state” to her résumé.

EMPHASIS ON KILLING CIVILIANS: No matter what Israel does, the media always emphasizes the civilians, especially the children, that were killed by an Israeli retaliation raid. But nothing is ever said about the civilians and children killed and maimed in Palestinian daily rocket-bombing raids on Israel.

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