Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Reward for Her Lies

Obama is floating UN ambassador rice’s name to replace Hillary as Secretary of State when she resigns. I think that is what he promised her if she went on the Sunday shows and LIED for him when she KNEW different. Make it or not, she can use just the nomination to her advantage on her resume.

“JACKSON; PAY ME AND I’LL LEAVE”: Jesse Jackson, Jr. has been asked to “step down” as a Democrat representative because of his illness. To which he replied, “Give me my pension and I’ll leave. His dad taught him well. Shake down everybody you can. (Update: He resigned. I don't know if he got what he wanted or not.)

THEY MAKE IT UP: Pennsylvania had one of the highest jobless claims in the nation, but they forgot to send the figures to the feds, so the feds GUESSED at their numbers and reported them to be the LOWEST new unemployment sign-ups in the nation. This is typical, especially since Obama. Are you surprised?

NO “SELECT COMMITTEE: After Sen. McCain and another senator demanded a “select committee” be appointed to look into the murders in Banghazi, Congress reps told the press, “We’re going to sit back and let Obama do his thing and see what happens.” In other words, they’re going to let Obama run the country HIS way while they “stay out of it.” Is that what we elected members of Congress to do?

“THEY’VE GOT A PROBLEM WITH ME”: Obama told a news conference the other day that “Anybody who goes after Susan Rice (UN ambassador) for going on FIVE Sunday shows and LYING to support HIS lies will “have a problem with me.” Well, I CERTAINLY have a problem with him, but I doubt I’ll ever have a face-to-face with him to take him to task about it. More likely one of his “jack-booted thugs” will come after me for something entirely different that he has “made up” to silence me.

WISHFUL THINKING: Sen. Schumer gloats that “The Tea Parties are on the descent,” and that’s a GOOD thing.” Thus showing his complete stupidity and lack of knowledge of what’s going on. Wait until the Tea Parties unseat HIM in the next election. There are so many stupid people in the Congress that it will take them some time to get down to him. He just WISHES the “Tea Parties” were going downhill.

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