Sunday, December 18, 2011

Washington Stupidity

I get so tired of the abject STUPIDITY in Washington, and I don’t mean just among Democrats. I hear just as much stupidity coming out of Republican mouths as I do Democrat. Just not as often. Such things as “tax the rich” and “make it harder on big business.” How about “I’ll bankrupt the coal industry.” All this involves a complete lack of understanding of how things work. That’s INCOMPETENCE, and we (not me) have elected these incompetent people.

LIBERALS ARE AGAINST PROGRESS: Liberals simply don’t understand that “big business” is the reason we’re prosperous. Without “big business” we wouldn’t have cars; or homes to live in; or furniture to put in our homes; televisions, computer games, and other things to entertain us. We’d have no electricity to power those entertainment items or give us light. All these things liberals are against are ESSENTIAL to our life.

WE NEED THE RICH: “Getting rich” is the ultimate goal for EVERY person on earth, no matter how much they lie, and deny it. People who get rich inevitably hire many people to help them. Thus, they create the jobs we all need. That’s NOT a “myth” as liberals try to sell us. Many create other rich people along the way as THEY get rich. My own son sells pizzas and frankly hopes to be rich before I die.

THE RICH TAKE NOTHING FROM THE POOR: How COULD they? The poor HAVE nothing, so how can the rich take anything from them. Liberals say the rich “suck up all the money” so there’s none left for the poor. That’s SILLY! All the “poor” have to do is make the right decisions, go to school and learn something, then use that knowledge to provide a product or service many of us want to buy; then sell it to us. But too many just want to live at the expense of the ones who DO those things, and REMAIN “poor.”

OBAMA’S ANTI-GUN SCAM: Liberals (including Obama) have always wanted stiffer gun laws. So they hatched a scheme (“Fast & Furious”) to con gun dealers into selling guns to Mexican drug lords so they could CLAIM that most guns there COME from America so they could “tighten” gun laws in America. But it backfired, and killed people, including at least ONE border guard. When (if) America realizes the death-dealing scope of this scam, there’ll be a revolution and Obama will go first.

OBAMA “NECK-DEEP”: This “Fast and Furious” scam could NOT have happened without the knowledge and aid of one Barack H. Obama. He denies it, of course. But without his approval, it couldn’t have happened. Nixon knew about the breakin at the Democrat headquarters in the Watergate and that was enough to do him in. At least nobody died there. When (if) America realizes the scope of his deadly scam, he will be gone; one way or the other.

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