Saturday, December 17, 2011

Atheism A Religion

They insist it’s not, but it is. Not just not believing in god, but doing such things as filing lawsuits to get rid of a sign stretched across a small town street and working to remove any vestige of religion from as many places as possible. If it were not a religion in itself, they wouldn’t give a damn about such things. They just wouldn’t believe. It’s a good thing Christians are not like Muslims; they’d be killing these atheists for not believing in THEIR religion.

BLAMING EVERYONE ELSE: Obama blames George Bush, automation, and what he calls “stupid businessmen” and many other things (except himself) for the recession we’re in that is threatening to become a DEpression. He has caused a massive liberal (socialism) explosion, having gotten everything he wanted passed in the three years he’s been in power. It’s time he takes SOME responsibility for it, but that, he’ll never do. He doesn’t even THINK he’s responsible.

“FREE MARKET IS A MYTH”: That’s what those predisposed to collectivism say, ignoring ALL evidence to the contrary, Why else has this country, in little more than 300 years, exceeded the production of every other country in the world and become the destination of choice for those who want to better themselves from all over the world? Collectivism CANNOT equal what the free market has done, and they deny the evidence of their own eyes.

IN TROUBLE FOR THE TRUTH: Republican Allen West says the Democrats “would be very proud of Hermann Goebbels” and they hate that. They’ll soon be twisting it to say he wants to “smear” them by calling them Nazis. But how do you “smear” somebody with the truth? He specifically mentioned their efforts to make Republicans the cause of our financial problems when it was a law passed by the Democrats to force lenders to loan money to people who could never pay it back that did it.

NO GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN: The current “dog and pony show” in Washington to con us out of more money is over. The president signed the bill to finance the law (until next time) into law that will keep the government open. They haven’t said how long it will last this time, but I’m sure we will hear about the next “budget shortfall” soon, and the pressure will again mount until a new spending bill is passed.

JESSE JERKSON SAYS “JESUS WAS AN OCCUPIER”: What is it with stupid people like Jesse? Does he think he can make stupid statements like this and have anybody with any intelligence believe him? Where was Jesus’ army? What war did he win? Or was he simply a man people FOLLOWED willingly? Somebody needs to slap Jesse silly. I know; he’s silly already. He just needs to be slapped.

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