Sunday, December 4, 2011

He's Already Decided

Leon Panetta, our erstwhile Sec. of Defense, recently gave a “tongue-lashing” to Israel in which he blatantly told them to “come to the table” with the Palestinians” and “agree to a two-state solution” to the problems CREATED by the Palestinians (and other Muslims, especially the extremists). Where the hell does Panetta get off giving ORDERS to a sovereign nation?

“TALKING DOWN THE ECONOMY”: Liberals keep accusing the Republicans of “only wanting to talk down the economy,” when what they’re doing is telling the TRUTH about it, while liberals are LYING. The unemployment numbers are down “slightly” mostly due to the fact that the government is no longer COUNTING 315,000 people who have simply GIVEN UP on ever finding a job in Obama’s economy. They’re “fudging the numbers,” as usual.

PUNISHING THE WHISTLEBLOWERS: The government promised not to “punish the whistleblowers” in the “Fast and Furious” scandal, but they did. The lower level agents have been transferred to what amounts to “Siberia” posts while the top tier bureaucrats who STARTED it and gave orders NOT to interfere were transferred to better, higher-paying jobs. I keep saying this and nothing ever gets done. They just ignore it and go on as if nobody had spoken.

DEMS SUPPORT OWS: “Occupy Wall Street” (or wherever) purposely piss of the cops to the point where they sometimes go too far in their response. This makes OWS protesters happy. Obama, Biden, Peelosi, and many other Democrats SUPPORT these ignorant “signifiers.” Sounds like a White House sponsored demonstration, to me. These demonstrations are identical to the liberal demonstrations in the sixties. Most of whose people are now IN power.

ARMY REMOVES CROSS FROM BUILDING: This in response to demands from Muslims. Has anyone successfully gotten a Muslim image removed from a Mosque? Doubtful. Muslims are quick to take offense at crosses, but they ignore all demands (if any arise) to remove ANY of THEIR images. Next they’ll be demanding we take them down INSIDE of the chapel. Army says it came down because of ARMY regs, but that’s simply CYA crap.

CLASS WARFARE A STAPLE: To hear Obama and his henchmen speak, ALL our troubles are caused by those eeeevil rich when it is the rich that provide ALL the investment money required to create jobs. If you take more and more money away from them, soon there will BE no investment capital to create jobs. God knows, the GOVERNMENT can’t create jobs (except for government jobs, paid for by our tax dollars, and creating NO new money). All it can do is make it impossible.

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