Sunday, December 11, 2011

Are Tea Parties Like OWS?

Not a chance. There have been 5,214 arrests at OWS events. None at Tea Party events. Tea Party people are law abiding; OWS people are NOT. TP people clean up after themselves. OWS people not only do not, they pee on cop cars and take dumps in the street, right in front of the world—and they don’t even wipe, leaving brown stains in their stinking pants. They delight in pushing cops to the edge until they “lose it,” preferably in front of cameras.

MAKING A LIBERAL MAD: Tell the truth. To make a conservative mad, tell a lie. That’s one major difference between the two. They try and make you think the only difference is in “ideology,” but the main difference is adherence or non-adherence to the truth. Or maybe it’s belief in individual responsibility or belief in somebody else being responsible for them.

CHINA'S "PROSPERITY": China has a VENEER of prosperity layered over a massive amount of poverty. Get out of the “big cities,” which are very wobbily built and go to the countryside to see the ox-drawn carts and horse-drawn plows (if the farmer can afford a horse, without which he pulls the plow himself) and candle-lit homes. Living in the China countryside is like living more than 100 years ago.

OBAMA WANTS TO TAX THE RICH: Does that mean he wants to raise his own taxes? I don’t THINK so. I’d bet he has ways for himself and other rich liberals to avoid higher taxes on the conservative rich. They always exempt themselves from the things they impose on us “peons.”

POST OFFICE GOING BROKE: Like the rest of the government, the Post Office is going broke. But unlike the rest of the government, they cannot print money to “paper over” their bankruptcy. They have to provide a service and without money they can’t. Like the buggy whip makers of old, they are an obsolete entity and will soon go down.

REFUSING TO USE OIL WE OWN: I can’t blame this entirely on Obama. Both Bushes and Clinton alike refused the obvious solution to high gas prices: drilling for our own oil in places where WE make the rules. Meanwhile, Obama is FINANCING oil drilling in other countries, and will be BUYING that oil from them at high prices. How STUPID is this? Yes, Reagan maintained the oil drilling ban, but our dependence on foreign oil wasn’t a problem then.

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