Saturday, December 31, 2011

Govt. Looking for "Key Words" on Twitter

They’re now actively monitoring Twitter and the rest of the “social media” looking for “key words.” To pique their interest. I tried hard to find out what those words were so I could use them in something and make them look like the FOOLS they are “Fool” is probably one of them. Assassinate and Obama are probably two more, although as long as Joe is right behind him, he has assassination insurance. Not as much as when Nancy was right behind Joe, but good enough.

FED WORKERS MAKE MORE THAN ANYBODY: I know I’m revealing my age when I say I remember when a government worker made less than a worker in private industry. But that’s in the past. More than HALF of workers in this country work for the government now, and ALL make more than workers in private industry “Federal workers made an average $75,296 in pay last year, plus $28,323 in medical, pension and other benefits,” a USA Today analysis found.” That’s USA TODAY, not known to be a bastion of conservative thinking. That’s about 60% higher than in private business.

OBAMA’S “DEFENSE OF THE MIDDLE CLASS”: That’s the word. He can’t campaign on what he has DONE, so he will campaign on what he HASN’T done and can't be proved or disproved. As usual, something nobody can define nor really discredit because it contains nothing concrete. What has he actually done for the middle class except to put most of them out of work and thus add to the myth of “the rich getting richer while the poor get poorer?”

BLACKS EXPELLED 5 TIMES MORE THAN WHITES: Does that mean they are being discriminated against? Probably not. What it probably means is that black students get in trouble five times as much as whites. That’s not racism if it’s built on the activities of those black students. Just like the fact that more black people are in prison than whites? Does anyone think it just MIGHT be that black people get in trouble more than whites? Call me racist if you want, but I think taking these figures to IMPUTE racism is racism itself.

TALIBAN’S MESSAGE: “The U. S. should stop harassing people who wear turbans.” But it’s more likely to remind us of Muslims murdering 3,000 innocent people in the world Trade Center. Not to mention the many innocent people Islamic terrorists (sorry, Obama) who have murdered thousands more since.

“HE’S CLOSE TO THE TEA PARTY”: Some politicians throw that out as a smear, but it’s not. The “Tea Party” is the way of referring to people who want government OUT of our lives while we make our own decisions. Fewer taxes so we can keep more of what we EARN. The Tea Party is not an organization, it is a way of THINKING. It’s people who are tired of the government taking most of what we earn with tax on top of tax until we’re all broke.

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