Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Outstanding Leader"

That’s what they’re now calling Kim Jung Un, Kim Jong Il’s third son, who has been relegated to “sharing power” with his uncle—which means the uncle is really the “leader” while Un will be forced to agree with everything. They’re doing this two days into his “leadership,” after he has done NOTHING. Like Obama getting a Nobel before HE did anything, good or bad.

FED TAKEOVER OF LOCAL JAIL: The Feds have “taken over” Joe Arpaio’s jail because he doesn’t discriminate IN FAVOR of Hispanics. This is patently unconstitutional, but Obama doesn’t care. He makes it LOOK legal. He’s “got it out” for Arpaio because he doesn’t “tug his forelock” to Obama. Watch for Arpaio’s prisoners to lose the pink shorts and live a LOT better for a while.

MORE LIES: Obama goes on television claiming he has spent more money to secure our borders than his predecessor. Why then, is our border still so porous? Why do ILLEGAL aliens still come through every day by the hundreds, maybe even THOUSANDS? He goes on television every day and LIES. And the liberal (socialist) media lets him get away with it because they are “in his back pocket.”

OBAMA THINKS HE’S BETTER THAN ALL BUT 4 PRESIDENTS: What a monumental ego this jerk has! His level of chutzpah is unparalleled. He thinks it’s all about his color. Frankly, I don’t care if he’s GREEN! He’s a socialist, and he is working HARD to make this into a socialist country. That’s why I don’t like him. He has spent more money than there IS, and a lot of it came out of my pocket. He would be a joke if it weren’t so serious.

LESLIE MARSHALL HAS HER BLINDERS ON: Nothing Obama does to us apparently will penetrate her noggin and cause her to criticize him. She blatantly says she is “the only true democracy on talk radio,” and she’s right. Too bad this is not a democracy and she doesn’t understand that. Anybody with any smarts knows this is a REPUBLIC. We don’t ALL vote on all issues: we send representatives to Washington to vote for us.

IT’S NOT A TAX CUT! Obama, and even the GOP insists on calling that tiny reduction of the amount of money the government takes out of your paycheck for SOCIAL SECURITY as a “tax cut.” It is NOT! It is a further tightening of the amount of money that goes to support that Social Security pyramid scheme FDR conned us into. Consequently, the time that system goes broke is even nearer than those keeping track of such things think. That $40 a week isn’t going to break you, but it MAY break Social Security.

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