Saturday, December 3, 2011

Freedom Works Barred From Senate Room

Freedom Works, frustrated by the failure of Obama’s administration to put forth ANY budget since he was elected, reserved (through Sen, Mike Lee) a room to hold a meeting. Some people came hundreds of miles to attend, and moments before the meeting was to begin, “officials” removed the microphones and told them they could not enter the room because of a “suspicious package” that had appeared in the next room. Maybe it fell out of an “official’s” bag.

GOP “DOG & PONY SHOW”: All the Republican “debates” are, is a “dog and pony show” to benefit the DEMOCRATS. Notice most of them are RUN by Democrats or liberal outfits such as CNN. That way liberals get to form the questions asked the Republicans so that any answer they give makes them look like fools. They ask questions like, ”Do you still beat your wife?” so any answer the candidate gives makes him look bad.

CHINA NO LONGER COMMUNIST: Russian communism failed, necessitating that they “take a step back” into simple socialism where the same people are still “in charge,” but SAY they’re “no longer communist.” Communism is failing in China, too; but at a slower rate. They still SAY they’re communist, but the basis of their current “thin layer” of prosperity is NOT due to communism; it is due to their moving AWAY from communism and “experimenting” with the free market.

WHY DID COMMUNISM FAIL IN RUSSIA? Most people can’t understand it. Not even our erstwhile politicians. Yes, Reagan’s “pushing them to the wall” on building arms until they couldn’t afford to compete any more had a profound effect, but what really killed it is Gorby’s attempts to COMBINE a little free market with communism. As China is discovering, you can’t combine two OPPOSITES. Give people a LITTLE freedom and they’ll soon want it all. Yes, lack of INCENTIVE is a big factor, but not by itself.

“ANOTHER TERM”: Obama is saying, “I’m going to need another term to finish the job I’ve started.” What BETTER reason to get rid of him as soon as possible?

CAIN ACCUSER A STALKER: She has been found to be a stalker before and has accused another man of sexual misconduct. She’s a “serial accuser.” Stalkers are well known to be absolutely CONVINCED that people who have never heard of them are in love with them. “They just don’t realize it yet,” is a common statement when they’re called on it.

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