Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kim Jong Il

Good riddance to bad rubbish again. I hear he died from holding his breath waiting for Obama to come and bow to him, as promised. Doesn’t he know Obama NEVER keeps a promise? One more dictator down, several more to go. Kim’s kid is as fat and ugly as he is.

IRAQ WAR’S OVER: Hooorrraaayyy! They’re making a big thing about it as the last military trucks and troops cross the border out of Iraq (and into another country with whom we are “at war.” But the “war in Iraq” was over a long time ago by my reckoning. It was over when Saddam Hussein was overthrown and forced to flee while another government was formed to replace him. But we stayed there so we could keep our influence alive. We’re doing the same thing in Afghanistan and will continue until the pressure becomes too great, as we did in Iraq.

“MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!” That’s what George Bush said after his forces dumped Saddam Hussein into the trash heap of history, and it was. But we stayed there for another many years while the liberals set it up so they could claim victory when they finally allowed our soldiers to flee and stop dying because of impossible “rules of engagement.” What a load of crap. What if we’d called it “still at war” after WWII while we “occupied” Germany and Japan?

MEMBERS OF CONGRESS BARRED FROM SAYING “MERRY CHRISTMAS”: That’s right; the very people who make the laws in this country have been BARRED from saying “Merry Christmas” in their mailings to constituents. Funny: I thought the Congress was an EQUAL branch of government to the Executive and its members were not subject to COMMANDS from the president or his henchmen. I'd tell Obama to go to hell.

BETTER THINGS TO DO THAN BEAT HER: Didja see that picture on the Drudge Report (and elsewhere, I’m sure) of the woman on the ground with an Egyptian cop ripping her shirt off while another one stomps on her? You’d think the crowd, which I’m sure outnumbers these thugs in uniform, could “put it to” those cops if they got together and stopped being a bunch of individuals. I know if I saw a cop doing that, I’d certainly take his baton away and bash him with it.

“PRESIDENT” ROMNEY? Not a chance. If Romney was my only choice other than Obama I simply would not vote. Hopefully that will not give Obama a victory. I certainly hope there are enough newly-awakened Americans to stop that from happening. But Romney is “the old guard.” If any Republican is one of Washington’s denizens, it is Romney. He may not be as much of a “progressive” (liberal, socialist) as Obama but he IS a liberal, no matter how hard he tries to hide it. If we can’t get a REAL conservative like Bachman in there, I give up. America will be known then to be STUPID.

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