Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!

Extending the reduction in Social Security taxes for TWO MONTHS! Nothing EVER gets done in Washington in two months! It takes THREE months just to reprogram the computers! What FOOL thought extending them for TWO MONTHS would do anything?

OBAMA REJECTS ALL JOBS PLANS: One example is the AT&T/T Mobil merger, which would have created many jobs. Then there’s the oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf, which would have created thousands of jobs. What’s WRONG with this jerk? We need to get him OUT of there so we can make some progress! There are many more instances, but I think you get the idea.

PERFECT SENSE TO A FOOL: Whoopee Goldberg who is a pretty good comedienne, but not much else, says “Communism is a great concept that makes perfect sense.” Of course it would make perfect sense to a fool, and like most Hollywood “stupid spouters,” she IS a fool and illustrates her ignorance every time she opens her mouth. She doesn’t even realize that under communism she wouldn’t be as rich as she is. The government would take it all away.

“AN EMBARRASSMENT”: I never thought I’d agree with Hugo Chavez, but when he said “Obama is a clown and an embarrassment,” I DO tend to agree with him. Obama IS a "clown and an embarrassment." But I think I have different reasons for thinking so.

“KILL ‘EM ALL!” In Syria, Assad’s son is doing the same thing his father did when opposed. He kills ‘em all indiscriminately. His troops go into neighborhoods where some of his opposition lives and kills everybody there, whether or not they’re involved. I predict he will soon be overturned, and shot, just as the Libyan tyrant was. He won’t even get a trial as Saddam did after being pulled out of his “spider hole.”

LOST OUT ALREADY: I’d hate to be Kim Jong Il’s third son right about now. Word was he would be the undisputed leader after Kim’s death. But several days later, word is he will “share power” with his uncle. What’s going on? I’d say he has a short life expectancy right now.

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