Thursday, December 15, 2011

Illegal is Illegal is Illegal

Call it what you want, an illegal alien is an illegal alien. A newsman got “hollered at” the other day for calling an illegal alien an illegal alien. The liberals don’t like that. They want to control the very words we use and they want us to use “undocumented alien” instead. Screw ‘em. I don’t take orders from liberals on what words I may use. I “call a spade a spade,” even if liberals want to call it a “manual dirt scraper” or some such. They can call things what they want. They don’t get to “instruct” me on what words to use. I “call ‘em as I see ‘em, and if they don’t like that, they can just get used to it.

CORZINE LYING OR INCOMPETENT: Former governor Corzine, also former CEO of MF Holdings, the company that “lost” (probably into some executive’s bank account) BILLIONS of dollars in customer money, is either lying or is incompetent. You decide. He was “in charge.” Those “in charge” are expected to KNOW everything that goes on in the companies they run. If not, they’re incompetent.

BANKRUPTING COAL: Obama has pledged to BANKRUPT the coal industry, regardless of the fact there is nothing to replace it. Without it, our energy industry “goes under.” How does he answer that? He doesn’t; he just ignores questions about it. How STUPID is that?

IRAN IS NEXT. It’s inevitable; Ahmadinijerk is working too hard to "pick at us" and become an even bigger thorn in our side than even Saddam was. And you know what happened to Saddam. Liberals will howl about it because they’re stupid. But eventually we WILL “take him down.”

PAYROLL TAX CUT A CON: It’s not a “tax cut.” It’s a TEMPORARY reduction in the amount of money they take out of your pay THIS WEEK and next to support Social Security. It MUST eventually be replaced or Social Security will go broke way ahead of schedule. It’s a con to get votes now, for Obama. That it will hurt Social Security, Obama just doesn't care.

GOP DEBATES A “DOG AND PONY SHOW”: It’s designed to get the names of the serious candidates in front of you and give you SOME idea of what they’d like you to think they’re for or against. Does it really tell you anything? Not a chance. You’ll learn a lot more about them during the general election. Maybe not the truth, but more about them.

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