Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Herman Cain Was Wrong

People say those who attack Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 program just do not understand it. I understand that it is 27% of our income he wants to tax, and that’s too much. With a flat tax OR a sales tax, EVERYBODY is paying, not just SOME, as with the Income Tax. So they don’t NEED to tax us at such a high rate to suck the same amount of money out of us.

FALSE ACCUSATION: Supposedly, several women have “accused” Herman Cain of “sexual harassment” and one has even received a huge settlement from the restaurant association he headed then, and without his knowledge, since he had “recused” himself from the case and did not even know how it was resolved. Such vague and undefined “accusations” should not even be considered, and WOULD not if the accused were a Democrat. I remember all the SPECIFIC accusations against Bill Clinton that were “resolved” by ruining the reputations of the women involved. Only one of them keeping her dress with the damning sperm stain containing his DNA allowed the case to be proved.

1000 TERRORISTS EQUALS 1 ISRAELI: I guess Islamic terrorists aren't worth much if Israel traded 1,000 of them for ONE Israeli soldier. But that IS a bad idea. Already the Islamic terrorists are planning on kidnapping many more Israeli soldiers. Which is to be expected. You name the evil action and they do it.

AMMUNITION: The Republican debates actually do nothing but give Democrats ammunition to use against whoever finally emerges as the winner of the Republican nomination to run for president. The current false accusation of Herman Cain of sexual harassment is a good example. He was cleared then, but you can bet it will be brought up again and again during the election, regardless, even if he is not the nominee.

“OVERWHELMING THE TRULY WELL INFORMED”: The AlGore fools are planning on releasing a huge amount of false information. Hoping to “overwhelm” those who are “truly well-informed.” Thus, they hope their lie will prevail over the truth that “climate change” (their most recent name for their “global warming' con) is NOT “man-caused,” but is “cyclical” changes.

RUN BY LIBERALS: The people who RUN the debates and decide what questions to ask can make a candidate look good or bad. Why then do the Republicans allow so many of the REPUBLICAN debates to be run by liberal organizations such as CNN?

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