Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Tax the Rich!"

Liberals want to tax the rich by taking away as much money as they can in taxes, thinking they can fund their “flights of fancy” by that method, forgetting there aren’t ENOUGH rich to do that for very long, and the more they tax them, the less INCENTIVE they will have to EARN more money—which will mean less taxable income, and less money for them to tax (steal) away from them. Everything they do is “counterproductive” to what they profess to want. If they keep up on the path they’re taking, there will one day BE no more “rich” for them to victimize for their own ends. Then the “moochers” of society will than start looting THEM.

CORZINE “LOST” MORE THAN $100 BILLION: Why then, is he being considered to be appointed to a high government post managing our money instead of being “perp-walked” into court to answer charges? Corzine was one of the first people Obama called on for financial advice after he was elected president; the man who “lost” billions of investor’s dollars!

RULES DON’T APPLY TO HIM: Alec Baldwin, star of “30 Rock,” and outspoken liberal, apparently thinks that, like with other “elites” (or those who think they are elite) the rules don’t apply to him. He felt it was so important for him to continue playing his computer game that he didn’t have to stop, according to federal regulations. So they kicked him off the flight and he later slurred flight attendants in his Twitter account. This is they guy who thinks conservatives are dirt. Frankly, it is Baldwin who carries the most dirt.

“ASSUMING MANIPULATION”: In Russia, citizens don’t get too excited about elections because they “assume” the results will be manipulated, anyway. And, if you pay attention to what happened in Indiana and probably in many other states in this country (when Obama was elected), it’s becoming the same here.

“WE DIDN’T GET THE MEMO”: That’s the refrain from ALL the top officials (right up to Obama) who are questioned about “Fast & Furious” from the LEADERS, who, if they are COMPETENT, should definitely have known. So it comes down to this: either they knew about it and are covering it up, or they are INCOMPETENT. Which is it? They SAY they will “hold people responsible” for it, but so far, not a single person has been fired or charged with a crime. Surprise, surprise!

FORGET THIRD PARTY: People are pushing for a third party, and Huntsman is their man so far. It’s a mistake. If Huntsman could win he can do it as a Republican. A third party will split the GOP vote and guarantee 4 more years of Obama. There is no telling what he can accomplish, moving us ever closer to socialism in 4 more years. And with the money he has spent already, he will put us into debt for all eternity with 4 more years, raising our taxes to the stratosphere in the bargain.

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