Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Waco Was About LIBERAL Murders

It was Clinton who gave the orders to Janet Reno that resulted in killing almost 100 people, including 14 CHILDREN that caused Timothy McVey to do the Oklahoma bombing. Yet it is STILL Clinton “making hay” about it, trying to compare that to the “Tea Parties.” The “Tea Parties” are about as “non-violent” as there is, except for the union thugs Obama sends out to create violence while PRETENDING to be “Tea Partiers.”

RIOT BY NON-LIBERALS: When was the last riot by non-liberals? All I seem to be able to remember is riots started by left-wing liberals. So how do the liberals today expect to blame violence on people protesting their policies now? I don’t think so! Wake up, America! Obama and his crowd are CONNING you. If you believe ANYTHING he says, you are gullible.

CRIMINALS “GRILLING” CROOKS: Obama forces"grilled" Wall Street traders Goldman-Sachs to try and make it look like all the fault in the “economic slowdown” is their fault, and not the fault of the liberal-passed, liberal president signed into law (“The Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976”) law that FORCED lenders to loan money to people who could NOT repay it under threat of government action against them. It’s a case of KNOWN criminals “grilling” MAYBE criminals to make themselves look honest. All Goldman-Sachs did was try to profit from the illegal game Obama’s people started.

ENFORCING LAW “UNCONSTITUTIONAL?” Its opponents are saying many stupid things about Arizona’s new law demanding cops actually ENFORCE the law, including the claim that it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. How STUPID is this? Since when is enforcing the law unconstitutional? They’re really afraid, aren’t they? They’re so afraid, they’re liable to say ANYTHING.

“TOO MUCH FREEDOM?”: Many liberals say we “have too much freedom.” Translation: they want to DICTATE how much freedom OTHERS may have. They will NOT dictate how much freedom I may have. Ever.

IT’S DIFFERENT NOW: Liberals were irate when Bush wanted to listen in on FOREIGN telephone messages between suspected terrorists. BUT NOT A PEEP FROM THEM WHEN Obama announced he wanted to read our personal e-mails. Well, It IS different now. The liberals are “in charge.”

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