Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's Unconstitutional!

That’s what many people, Obama included, say about the Arizona law forcing cops to ENFORCE the federal laws against illegal immigration. But nobody seems to be able to point out exactly HOW it is unconstitutional. That’s because it is NOT. They gripe about Americans being “forced to show their papers” by cops, as if they didn’t already. If you get stopped by a cop, what’s the first thing he says? “Show me your license, registration, and proof of insurance.” He could say, "Your papers, please" just as easily. What’s different here?

SAYETH ANN COULTER: “Distinguishing between Elena Kagan and any other Democratic nominee is like distinguishing between Hannibal Lecter and Vlad the Impaler.” What this means is that either decision is equally bad. I have a friend who hates the very ground Ann walks on, but can’t tell me why. I wonder what she’d hate about that quote.

IT MAKES THEM MAD: Some people say special airport screening for Muslims just makes Muslims more extreme. What a LOAD! How could they GET “more extreme” than they already are. Reasonable Muslims will understand. Only the ALREADY extreme Muslims won’t. All they want to do is kill everybody who doesn’t believe as they do, anyway. So who cares what makes them mad? That’s like saying we should not kill Nazis during WWII because it makes them mad. Or we shouldn't kill murderers because it would "make them mad." Sheesh!

GOVERNMENT MURDER: In Great Britain, where socialized medicine is the law of the land, they deny the elderly certain medicines that are necessary to keep them alive. Their opinion is that old people “have a duty to die” and get out of the way. They can’t understand that our elders are a valuable resource as long as they are alive. Politicians think THEY are “the smartest people in the world,” but they’re not. If you think that can’t happen here, think again.

BANKRUPT THE COAL INDUSTRY? That’s what Obama has promised to do. Nothing he does will hurt this country more, even though everything he tries hurts it. He doesn’t think about the fact that energy companies rely on coal to make electricity, and natural gas will not make electricity at anywhere near the same cost. But he’s determined to do it, whether it hurts us or not. That’s the way Obama operates. We need to GET RID of this man!

BAD PRESIDENTS: I’ve seen some bad presidents, but never one as bad as Obama. Everything he does is bad for this country. He has spent more money in his FIRST YEAR than there IS. He has printed more money than any other president in history, with every dollar printed making every dollar in existence worth less. This makes our money about as worthless as Monopoly money. We’re bankrupt and still he spends more.

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