Sunday, June 20, 2010

"A Distraction"

Obama thinks the war in Iraq is a “distraction” from the war on terror. As usual, he’s wrong. Iraq is NOT “a distraction” from the war on terror. It is one of the main theaters in this war. Afghanistan is another. These are the places where we are keeping them busy so they don’t have as much time and money available to come here and blow up our cities like they do there.

MAKING US MAD: Many liberal jerks talk about us “making the Muslim extremists mad” and helping their recruitment every time we do something against them. This is STUPID! What should we do, let them blow our people and property up with impunity? What about THEM making US mad? They do things DAILY to make us mad and help recruitment in our military. Will they stop that if we stop fighting them? Or will they view that as a weakness and redouble their efforts?

RED LIGHT DISTRICT? When the Democrats had their convention in Denver, politicians said they no longer have a “red light district catering to Democrats.” What a LOAD! It’s just better hidden. As long as there are politicians, Republican OR Democrat, or anything else, there will be a “red light district” that caters to them.

MISS OKLAHOMA DENIED CROWN: Because she agreed with the Arizona law telling the cops to “do their jobs” regarding illegal immigrants. They SAY” this was not the reason, but I think they’re lying.

DEMOCRAT RESPONSE TO EVERYTHING: More taxes and/or more restrictive laws and regulations. It doesn’t matter that the government can’t do ANYTHING right. They want to control EVERYTHING. And make money from it.

NO CONSIDERATION FOR HUMANS: Politicians keep making more and more laws and regulations for environmental reasons without even CONSIDERING their effect on human beings, even though global warming (now called “climate change” to continue fooling us) has been disproved six ways to Sunday. They don’t care. They just want the power and the money.

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