Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just Pay the Feds

Under the new rules, airlines that keep passengers on their planes on the tarmac more than 3 hours have to pay a hefty fine—to the feds. The passengers don’t see a penny of it. The feds get paid off and it becomes okay to inconvenience their passengers. The money ALWAYS goes to the government.

KENNEDY LOVED WIND FARMS: As long as they were placed somewhere EXCEPT where HE lived. He was always in favor of any wind farm project, EXCEPT for the ones proposed where HE lived. Now he’s dead (thank heavens!) Obama has okayed the project within sight of his house since he can no longer complain.

OBAMA: “YOU’VE MADE ENOUGH MONEY”: That’s what Obama is telling Wall Street: “At some point, you realize you’ve made enough money.” Who the hell does Obama think he is to tell people they’ve made enough money? And who has the right to tell HIM he has made enough money? I think he has, and IS, “taking in way too much territory. He does not have the power to tell ANYBODY he has made enough money. But he thinks he does. What a FOOL. This man is!

SENDING LAWYERS: Obama is sending a team of government LAWYERS to Louisiana. What the hell does he think a bunch of LAWYERS can do? I guess he just wants to make sure he can gain as much as possible from this disaster.

“PATRIOT ACT”: Liberals were “outraged” over Bush’s “Patriot Act.” Now let’s see what they say about the new law Obama is pushing to let the government snoop on EVERYBODY’S financial transactions without a warrant.

OBAMASPEAK: “Truth is hatred” when it is told by the “right.” Of course, nobody needs to worry about the left telling the truth.

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