Saturday, June 26, 2010

Glenn's A "Fear Monger"

That’s what liberals said about Glenn Beck some years ago when he predicted that if Europe continued on their socialist ways there’d be “fighting in the streets.” Do you watch the news? What’s happening in Greece? How about France? Looks like his predictions are coming true—unless you want to ignore reality as the liberals do.

“SLIGHTLY MORE INFORMED”: Obama’s mouthpiece says Sarah Palin “needs to get slightly more informed.” How stupid does he think we are? It is Obama and his “fellow travelers” who need to get more informed; a LOT more informed. They’re going to be “out of power” and Obama is going to be ALONE in Washington for the last two years of the only administration in which he will be in the white House. I hesitate to say “serve.” He is not “serving.” He is looting and pillaging.

MUSLIMS BEATING THEIR WIVES: They are so convinced that beating their wives and children is right that they have television shows telling men how it should be done. I’ve seen them. Then they say when we talk about it, we are engaging in “anti-Muslim propaganda.” Since when is telling the truth about people “propaganda?” Gawd, these people are really stupid!

LIMBAUGH WINS! The Democrats are making a “big thing” about a few Democrats winning elections in what are strong Democrat districts. One of the best known is a Democrat sounding more like Rush Limbaugh that any Democrat has a right to sound, winning. We all know he won’t ACT as Limbaugh would act, although he fooled enough Democrats to be elected.

NOBODY CAN FAIL: former president Clinton said, in a recent speech, that “we must find a way to make sure NOBODY can fail.” What a dreamer! This is typical liberal thought. It’s “pie-in-the-sky” thinking that is typical of liberals. That there is NO WAY we will EVER be able to make sure NOBODY ever fails doesn’t matter to liberals. They say it, hoping gullible people will believe it. What a load of stinky brown stuff THAT is!

WATCHING PORN INSTEAD: Liberals are wondering how it is possible to blunder so badly in “controlling” the oil industry as to allow an oil spill such as we are now suffering in the Gulf of Mexico. The problem is we are NOT “controlling” this industry. The people who are supposed to be doing this job may just be spending their time watching porn on government computers instead of doing their jobs.

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