Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why Not Prosecute the Panthers?

Members of the Black Panthers were brazenly standing in front of a polling place carrying weapons during the 2008 election, in an attempt to intimidate all voters. The government filed charges against them. When Obama got into office, his administration canceled those charges. Why? Maybe it was because HE sent them there in the first place. Talk about a brazen violation of the law on the part of the new president! Obama knows people can’t do much because he controls the means of prosecution. The name for that is “dictatorship.”

BANNING BONFIRES: In Seattle, Washington, they want to ban bonfires on the beach because of the global warming swindle. This swindle had been discredited in every way possible, but politicians are STILL using it as an excuse for their excesses. When does it stop?

ADVERTISING FOR WELFARE: They actually ADVERTISE for “takers” for food stamps! If they don’t get “enough action” they’ll lose funding, so they spend taxpayer money to advertise for people to GET such things as food stamps. If they have to do this, how hard is it to QUALIFY for these programs?

LIBERAL EXCESSES: The reason we’re paying such high prices for gasoline is because of liberal excesses over the years. They’re using the “global warming swindle” as an excuse not to allow drilling in areas WE control, forcing us to buy oil from people who hate us at inflated prices.

SMOKING AS “MEDICAL CONDITION”: Anti-smoking fanatics call smoking “a medical condition.” It is NOT. Nothing could be further from the truth. But that has never stopped the anti-smoking fanatics before. Frankly, I think they should be called on their many lies, but they are not. They blithely throw false numbers around, and nobody ever questions them.

OIL “PROFITS”: Yes the oil companies have made some profits. But a large part of those profits have been plowed back into searching for more oil which, if they don’t do, will cause us to really have an oil shortage of the kind anti-oil fanatics say we now have.

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