Saturday, June 12, 2010

Who Cares What Mexico Thinks?

Word is, Mexico is upset over Arizona’s new law demanding cops actually ENFORCE the law, since the feds won’t do it. Frankly, I don’t give a damn what Mexico thinks about laws made in the United States, for Americans. It’s none of their business, just as it is none of OUR business that Mexico harshly ENFORCES their illegal immigrant laws.

SHARIA LAW IN U. S.: Word is there’s a big push to start enforcing Sharia Law (the law Muslims observe, with all its flaw and unconstitutional tenets) in America. At one time I would have said that’ll never happen in this country. But with Obama as president and with all the wimpy liberals he’s put in office to help him rape this country, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it DID happen. If it does, I'm a DEAD man because I won't obey a single Sharia Law.

SUCH LBERAL STUPIDITY! For what earthly reason would ANYBODY with a modicum of intelligence cause ANYBODY trouble for wearing a t-shirt with an AMERICAN FLAG on it? In AMERICA? Does anybody think Mexican schools would do likewise if one of their students wore one with a MEXICAN flag on it—in MEXICO? Not a chance. But our stupid liberals in the school system think it is proper. I think that California vice principal that did this should be FIRED. Immediately; without any kind of notice. Maybe run out of town on a rail after being tarred and feathered.

GIVING MONEY TO SOCIALISTS: That’s Obama’s chief goal today. He’s already given a lot of money to private enterprise so he could “socialize” it (companies “too big to fail”). Like all the money he gave GM so he could take it over. Now we’re going to give BILLIONS of dollars to Greece to keep IT from going under from ITS socialism. Today, he’s using momney from the “slush funds” his Congress has created to “prop up” as many socialist regimes and socialist WANNABE regimes as he can to continue the FICTION that socialism works. It only works as long as socialist regimes that still have money prop up those that have run out, as all will eventually.

DON’T FORCE ATHEISM ON US! Many atheists want to get rid of EVERY vestige of religion in this country. They want to ELIMINATE Christmas displays of the Virgin Mary and Jesus on government property at Christmas time. They think the Constitution bans religion from anything government. It doesn’t What it DOES do is keep the GOVERNMENT from dictating religion FOR you. That’s ALL it does.

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