Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Government Advantage

There are two kinds of businessmen. The kind that comes up with a good idea, markets it, and makes a lot of money (while creating jobs and profits for the others he deals with) and the kind that relies on the government to give him an “edge” on everybody else. This guy is NOT a capitalist. He is a “leech” and a “looter,” using the government to help him steal from others.

“DUMB AS A BOX OF ROCKS”: Many people think Barbara Boxer is “dumb as a box of rocks.” But I think a “box of rocks” is highly intelligent compared to her.

SWAT TEAMS AGAINST THE TEA PARTY: Talk about overreaction! Has there EVER been any EVIDENCE they need SWAT teams to deal with Tea Party violence? Obama is “whipping up” nervousness against the violence HIS union thugs are planning to create at some future Tea Party event. He’s PLANNING for it to happen because he knows he has ORDERED it to happen.

UNDERMINING OUR STATUS: How does ENFORCING the law “undermine” our system as a “nation of laws? The feds won’t enforce immigration laws, so Arizona took it upon themselves to do so. Obama says that’s unconstitutional. How is it possible that enforcing the law is unconstitutional? What STUPID people we (not me) have elected!

ANTI-ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT: Obama says those who want to control our borders and force illegal immigrants to “get in line” rather than “jump the line” are “anti-immigrant.” Not so. Not in a million YEARS so! We’re “anti ILLEGAL immigrant.” There’s a difference, even if the stupid people “enforcing” (not) our laws can’t see it.

WE CAN’T UTTER THE WORDS: We’re not allowed to UTTER the words “communist,” Nazi,” Islamic terrorist or “fascist.” Meanwhile, the communists, Nazis, fascists, and other kinds of socialists are taking us over. In fact, they’re IN our government.

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