Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Deeming" You To Be A Criminal

How long will it be before the government can simply “deem you” to be a criminal and put you in prison if they once succeed in “deeming” anybody or anyTHING to be illegal without a law that was properly passed by Congress? They were going to try it. Whether or not they succeed is in YOUR hands.

SHEER FORCE OF NUMBERS: We should restrict the number of Muslims allowed to emigrate to this country. Not because of any racism (which they will claim), but because if they can’t take us over by blowing us up, they will take us over by sheer force of NUMBERS as they have done in France. This cannot happen! We cannot allow it! We cannot let Muslims outnumber us in this country, and VOTE us into slavery.

SABOTAGING OUR ECONOMY: The Islamic terrorists would like to sabotage America’s economy. One of the best ways to do that is to cause our gasoline prices to rise precipitously. But they don’t have to do that. The Democrats are doing it FOR them.

PUTTING THEM IN JAIL: Dr. Hansen, the guy who originally “sounded the alarm” about the supposed threat of “global warming” now wants to put oil company executives IN JAIL for calling him a liar. I’ll call him a liar too. He’s a pissant who just can’t take opposition. Like Obama, but with less power. Will he try and put ME in jail? Bring it on!

“DISTURBING TREND”: Obama says there is a “disturbing trend” in this country. He doesn’t say what it is, but “dead reckoning” will tell us it is people who insist on the government adhering to that “antiquated, old fashioned document written more than 200 years ago” called the Constitution. If that’s a “disturbing trend,” I want out! Unfortunately, there’s nowhere else to go. If we throw this Constitution out (which we can’t legally do) and this country loses its freedoms, there’s nowhere to which to flee.

“THE OVERTON WINDOW”: Glenn Beck has a new book out, “The Overton Window” about a technique promoters use all the time that I’ve been talking about for years. Specifically, I’ve talked about in regard to women’s rights advocates. Why they demand so much. It’s simple: If you want to get to the horizon, demand to go to the sun. Then getting to the horizon won’t seem so unattainable.

“I MISSPOKE”: How many times have we heard a Democrat say that when he gets caught saying something he shouldn’t? Richard Blumenthal “misspoke” many times, in many speeches. Sounds like “misspeaking” was part of his schtick. To me, that’s a purposeful lie, not “misspeaking.” Even one Fox News commentator says we ought to “cut him a break.” I don’t think so. His “misstatements” on a regular basis jerks the rug out from under him when it comes to telling the truth—and that’s bad for a politician.

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