Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Thanking" Obama?

“THANKING” OBAMA: Obama thinks we should “thank him” for what he’s done so far. We’ll be “thanking him” in November of 2010 and 2012. In 2010 we’ll get rid of his voting majority in Congress. In 2012 we’ll get rid of HIM. Is there anything more STUPID than suggesting that America, whom he has swindled out of BILLIONS, would THANK him?

DEFINITION IS ALL: When we criticize Obama or Clinton, it’s “sedition.” But when they criticized Bush, it was “patriotism.” I still remember Hillary screaming about it in one of her speeches. Where does ANYBODY get the idea this woman is qualified to be Secretary of State? Or anything else? She’s only in there to keep Bill happy and her busy so he can run around with his zipper open.

OUR BIGGEST DOMESTIC THREAT: Barack Obama. If we don’t get rid of him quick, he’s going to ruin this country and gullible Americans who “don’t pay attention” to politics will help him and never know why, when they find themselves in chains.

DON’T “KILL THE GOLDEN GOOSE: That’s exactly what Obama is doing as he attacks “the rich” and specifically Wall Street. And profit-makers of any kind. How stupid IS this man? These people are the ones who CREATE all the wealth in this country and if they are gone., there will be no wealth for Obama to steal.

WHAT A WHOPPER! Obama says he “believes in the profit motive,” but it is obvious by his actions that he does not. Does he really think Americans are still as gullible as they were when they elected him? How gullible does that make HIM? His former dupes have learned from his actions and will be voting his majority in Congress out of office in 2010, and HIM in 2012.

“ANTI-GOVERNMENT?” That’s what Obama says the “Tea Party” movement is. It’s not. It’s an ANTI-OBAMA movement. We’re not against the GOVERNMENT. We’re against OBAMA. There's a big difference. One than Obama hopes his "headline-reading" dupes won't notice.

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