Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Temporary" Taxes

There HAVE been times when a “temporary tax” went away when the problem it was designed to solve went away. But temporary taxes going away is so rare as to be non-existent. It’s almost a “running joke” that temporary taxes NEVER go away. That’s because, with VERY few exceptions, they don’t. We still have at least one “temporary tax” still on the books from the Spanish-American War! If you ever “buy” the idea that a tax they’re proposing is “temporary,” you’re just ignorant.

BOYCOTT ARIZONA! What a stupid thing to suggest! There are many states that do business with companies based in Arizona and to refuse to do business with them will not hurt Arizona itself. It will hurt the PEOPLE who operate and work for those private companies. In many cases, it will hurt the companies in those boycotting states. Who work for the companies who blindly follow their state in boycotting Arizona. One example is the electric power California cities GET from Arizona. If they’re forced to find other sources, they’re in trouble. Of course, Obama and his accomplices don’t care about that.

NON-REPORTING: Our attorney general admitted that he has NOT read the Arizona law he calls unconstitutional. The head of the Homeland Security Administration likewise. Did you see ANYTHING about that in the liberal media? Not a chance. But if Bush’s AG had done likewise, it would be a two week story, wall-to-wall.

A “CRY FOR HELP”: Arizona’s immigration law is a “cry for help” from that state. But they’re not only not getting any help from the feds, they’re getting undeserved ridicule. This should tell you a lot about this “elite” administration which cares NOT for what its citizens wish, NOR for what is good for them. We need to get them OUT of office, as quickly as possible.

REPEATEDLY LIED: Blumenthal didn’t “misspeak.” He REPEATEDLY lied about serving in Viet Nam, a place he has never been. It was NOT a “misspeaking.” It was a REPEATED LIE. How the liberal media can miss that tells us a lot about them. In simple words, liberals lie, press swears to it.

KOREA THREATENING WAR: They really think we’re afraid of them. That they can actually WIN a war with the United States, just because our liberal politicians would not LET us win the war in Korea before. They count that as a win on their part. They were very lucky our liberals were so stupid or they would not exist today. We have a similar regime in power today, but they may be a LITTLE more willing to win a war.

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