Friday, August 10, 2018

They're too Effective!

Dumocrats want to abolish ICE. Why? Because they are so effective at their job, in spite of the opposition of “sanctuary cities” and the blocks they present. Those cities are against them enforcing the law. They know that, if the law is enforced as written, they are going to lose a lot of cheap labor and voted for Dumocrats, and they don’t want that. The Dumocrats need a permanent underclass, and if the law is enforced, they will lose it. In California, one city has already “legalized” illegal aliens to vote, and nobody has done anything about it except to whine and moan. They can’t seem to stop ICE from doing their job, so they now want to ABOLISH them.

LEFT A BROWN TRAIL: This punk brazenly kicked in the door of a house belonging to a woman who had some children with her in her house, then immediately turned tail and ran away at the sight of the shotgun in her hand, looking fearfully back to make sure she wasn’t going to shoot him in the back. This is yet another example of why the government should NOT prevent people like this woman from having a gun with which to protect themselves and theirs. Not a shot was fired, on either side, but this punk took her unspoken advice and “got gone,” and in a hurry. He probably didn’t know he could run that fast. He's probably still running.

ANTIFA SAYS “BRING GUNS”: The liberals try their best to convince us that right wingers roam around, carrying guns, looking for liberals to kill. In fact, it is the LIBERALS who foment ALL the violence that abounds today in politics. Historically, Dumocrats CREATED the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) to “keep the black race in their place.” They deny it vehemently, but the proof is undeniable. All the “Jim Crow Laws” that were made, principally in the south, were made by Dumocrats. All the water hoses that were used on black demonstrators were wielded by Dumocrats. Martin Luther King was demonstrating against Dumocrat practices. Antifa is today’s regeneration of the KKK. The only difference is that Antifa INCLUDES blacks in its “membership.”

PUT UP OR SHUT UP” That’s what Rudy Giuliani is telling Mueller. Mueller’s been messing around for almost two years now, spending untold millions of taxpayer dollars in his attempt to frame Trump for something, ANYTHING he can use to “get rid of him.” His very APPOINTMENT as “special counsel” (or whatever they’re calling it now) was false. There is supposed to be a CRIME to be investigated, and there was admittedly NO CRIME here. “Collusion” with the Russians might be unethical, but it is NOT a “CRIME.” He has found a few minor things to get indictments for, but nothing even APPROACHING Trump being in “collusion” with the Russians.

THEY HAVE NO RIGHTS: Liberals seem to think illegal aliens have the same constitutional rights as do American citizens. They do NOT. When they are arrested for a crime, cops do not have to read them their rights, because they have none, although they sometimes do, out of habit. And, even though I am a Second Amendment supporter, that also means they have no rights under the Second Amendment. They do not have the right to be armed, for self defense, or for any other reason. The same with Islamic terrorists who slip into the country to do their mischief. I’m sorry if that disappoints the liberals, but that’s the way it is. You have to be an American to have constitutional rights. Either natural born, or MADE a citizen by following the law. The key here is “following the law.”

ONE MAN’S OPINION: LeBron James blames Trump for “bringing politics to football,” but it is Kaepernick who did that when first he “kneeled” when the National Anthem was played… Whoopi Goldberg talks about “Trump’s war on Christmas,” which is stupid. It is the liberals who are doing that… You take your life in your hands when you evidence ANY kind of trump support because liberals are deadly violent… Antifa is today’s version of the KKK. Bought and paid for by the Dumocrats. They have advised their “members” to bring guns to Trump rallies… The biggest racist in this country is “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan, and he tells his followers to use violence… CNN’s Jim Acosta is “concerned” that Trump would call the media “the enemy of the people,” even though he’s one of the worst examples of it… If the media doesn’t like being called “the enemy of the people,” they should stop BEING the enemy of the people…

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