Friday, August 3, 2018

They Think You're Stupid

Liberals think conservatives are stupid, and will buy anything they put out in the liberal media. And they’re right, regarding people who have been CONDITIONED by liberal propaganda, over the years, and don’t know any better. College students come to mind. The liberals have infested the colleges for so long that all they get taught is what the liberals want them to think, and most of it is not true. But that’s all they’ve been taught, so they believe it. Liberals have a strong presence in academia, as well as in the media and other institutions that have anything to do with teaching kids to be good liberals. They refer to the country outside of their enclaves on the coasts as “flyover country.”

BLAMING NRA “INACTION”: Country singer Eric Church (what does HE know?) blames the NRA “for their inaction on gun control.” Oh, RIGHT! What would he have them do? Forget that not a SINGLE anti-gun law now in effect has done a single thing to stop the “gun violence” that goes on, every day? Stop training people in RESPONSIBLE gun handling so they won’t accidentally shoot people? People like Church like to make pronouncements like this, but they don’t have any answers. If they did, they’d make them public. But all they can talk about is the FAILED laws that do nothing except make it easier for those who IGNORE anti-gun laws to victimize people who OBEY them.

SHERIFF IS WRONG: I told you recently that a recent shooting I was lawful under the “stand your ground law” in Florida. It was NOT. It was a simple case of bloody murder. One man pushed another to the ground in a dispute over a handicapped parking space. He turned to leave, but turned back to say something, and the guy on the ground shot and killed him. Under the “stand your ground law,” the shooter must be suffering a life-threat. This guy was NOT suffering a threat to his life. Yes, he had suffered the indignity of being pushed to the ground, but that’s not a “life threat.” It was not a good reason to kill the guy who pushed you down, as this guy did.

TORONTO KILLER’S GUN ILLEGAL: After the mass killing in Toronto, Canada, “authorities” there are further limiting the purchase (for those who OBEY laws) of guns and ammunition. As if that would stop such fools from getting their guns and ammunition. All the laws on the books in “gun-grabbing Canada” didn’t stop this killer from doing his dirty work. So how do they figure making more LAWS will stop another one in the future when they just IGNORE their useless laws. Anti-gun fools are a simple minded lot. They really think laws will stop criminals and other kinds of thugs from getting the guns they use to victimize the law-abiding, who OBEY their stupid laws and thus are “easy targets” for those who DON’T.

WHERE WERE THE COPS? Proving AGAIN that the cops can’t protect us from those who would abuse the use of guns, it took the cops 14 MINUTES to respond to this home invasion, while a woman and two children cowered on a rooftop, waiting to be murdered by an armed intruder. The Baltimore cops say at least one cop arrived on the scene within ONE MINUTE of receiving the call. Apparently, he “waited outside” for other cops to arrive, while this woman and her children cowered on the roof, for 14 MINUTES. That’s IF the “one minute claim” was true. We can’t find that out, because the cops will not release records to either prove, or deny the truth of that claim.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: How can Trump’s former attorney get away with recording Trump’s conversations? Lawyers can be disbarred for “breaking client confidentiality,” so why not here? And how is it legal for the government to RAID his attorney’s office and use what they find against him? They can’t do that to a MURDERER… Stormy Daniels’ husband is divorcing her because he can’t believe a woman who screws men (and women?) for a living would ever cheat on him. Frankly, I don’t know how she ever GOT a husband. As Elvis said, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk through the fence?”… Anti-gun fool Kevin de León has an ARMED driver/bodyguard to protect him from all those criminals out there who would do him harm while he works to deny us the same right…

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