Wednesday, August 15, 2018

An Old Story

The man who shot and seriously wounded a Colorado Springs, CO cop was an immigrant from Iraq who had been in many (9) brushes with the law in the last five years and was “scheduled” to be deported. He has been involved in many crimes, from DUI to attempted murder, but has still been allowed to stay in America. One of his brushes was for being found with an ILLEGAL gun. He was charged with being a felon in possession of a gun at the time, which apparently didn’t slow him down a bit. Yes, he was a LEGAL immigrant. But the question is, why all the delay in getting him sent home? He was a known troublemaker who WOULD, if not deported, kill someone someday. And he almost did it, in this case. It was only dumb luck this cop didn’t die, making him a murderer.

COW FARTS TAXED: They call it a “maintenance fee,” because cow farts contain methane, which they consider a cause of problems in global arming. But it is a TAX. What is a tax? Any money the government REQUIRES you to pay, for some silly reason or other—and that’s just what those “cow fart fees” are. Silly. Yes, cows fart. They have always farted. Every living being farts. They do many times every day. To get rid of the buildup of methane gas in their body. It was always thus, and only semi-recently have politicians seized upon them to scam more money out of farmers, charging a “fee” for every cow they own.

WE CAN BAN ANYTHING” As long as it isn’t a gun. So let’s ban GUN PARTS. And BULLETS. Things guns must have to be used, so as to make the guns people have USELESS, without banning guns, which are constitutionally protected. That’s what they say in Charleston, NC (No, not all that. Just that they can ban anything that is NOT a gun. I added the rest to make their scheme more clear.). In this way, they figure they can “ban guns” without banning guns. They are now out in the open with their goals, and that is to BAN SELF DEFENSE by banning the means to that end. They’re doing everything they can to “get around” that constitutional protection for all Americans' right to be armed.

JUNK SCIENCE ON GUNS: The “Violence Policy Center,” which has been caught “phony upping figures” before, has come out with a “study” that links licensed gun owners to a large number of gun killings. The truth? Licensed gun owners are 15 times LESS LIKELY to commit gun crimes. But that figure comes from a non-suspect source. That is according to the government, itself, which would have no reason to lie in favor of gun owners. VPC ignores 30 years of accumulated figures while “cherry picking” two states where those figures do happen to be higher than usual. This is a typical example of the fraud that is prevalent in the figures offered up by anti-gun fools. They have no figures to offer to support their position, so they give us FALSE figures.

MORE VOTERS THAN RESIDENTS: This happens much more often than you’d imagine, and the election officials take no notice of it because they’re Dumocrats, and those extra voters usually vote Dumocrat. This is the kind of vote fraud that should be instantly detectable, but there is no system in place to detect it before, or during an election. Dumocrats have made sure they are “in charge” of the voting in most areas, and that’s one way they can CONTROL voting by IGNORING things like more voters in one area than there are residents.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Big cities are suing Trump for “sabotaging Obamacare.” Really. If ANYTHING ever NEEDED sabotaging, it is Obamacare, which TRIPLES the cost of premiums and makes the care, itself, more expensive, while imposing more and more unnecessary red tape on doctors, which makes it necessary to hire and pay more people, just to handle the red tape… Obama reveals himself by the names he includes in his “endorsements.” Among them are “AD The Voice,” a former rapper who regularly spewed hateful lyrics. Who hates capitalism and everything America IS. Whose favorite word is “Nigga.” Who really thinks he can be elected. Maybe he can, if he’s running for dogcatcher… Liberals are spreading the fiction that Trump supporters are “getting tired of Trump policies.” Not a chance! Trump’s policies are to keep his campaign promises to “drain the swamp.” Only Dumocrats are “tired of Trump policies” because they’re part of “the swamp” and don’t want to be “drained.”…

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