Thursday, August 2, 2018

Actions and Consequences

The anti-gun fools think they can do everything they can to stop American citizens from being able to defend themselves without their actions coming back to bite them in the butt. The Vermont governor found otherwise recently after he signed some gun control actions into law. Then his “approval rating” took a dive. Anti-gun fools know they can’t just BAN guns. So they do everything they can to make those guns we do have as USELESS as possible. One of those is the “limited magazine” laws that are so popular among them now. They think limiting the number of bullets somebody has to fire before reloading will make things ll better. All it does is give the holder of an ILLEGAL gun another chance to kill a law-abiding person with a legal gun while he is reloading.

MUGGED BY REALITY: It has been said that a gun control activist is just someone who has never had to look down the barrel of a gun in the hands of a criminal (or something like that). Former anti-gun fool Ryan Moore found that out the hard way recently as two gun-toting criminals relieved him of all his important pocket possessions the other day. They took his MacBook Air, two iPads, an iPhone, an iPod Touch, and his wallet (presumably containing all his pocket money). After that, he had an epiphany, and actually became a gun owner. Then he took the next step and joined that “horrid old” NRA, and actually donated more money to them. He says what inspired him to join the NRA was people like David Hogg and their silly uninformed screeds.

PROMOTING RACISM: It started with Obama promising that if we elected him, we would forever END racism in our time. And then he called every disagreement with his policies racism. Soon, his accomplices were taking a page out of his book and calling every disagreement with liberal thought racism. The word racism has become a favorite epithet with liberals (Dumocrats). Racist pig Maxine Waters calls the whole world (except her supporters) racist. Now they’re promoting racism against WHITES and are TEACHING that racism in our colleges, so that our impressionable young, who don’t know any better, believe it.

IT’S NOT A BUBBLE! It doesn’t matter what happens under Trump, the liberals will find SOMETHING to criticize about it. Trump calls a press conference about the rise in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and they just can’t believe he would call a press conference about THAT. The stock market rises to record levels and they say it’s a “bubble” and will soon fall. But it’s NOT a bubble. It is based on solid earnings, unlike what happened during the Obama administration, and the rising GDP is just one indicator. Yes, there ARE “downturns” in the Market. Sometimes big ones, as financiers panic over some “bad news.” But it always rebounds, and the TREND is always UPWARDS, in the long run.

THAT’S WHAT THEY HATE: Judge Cavanaugh, Trump’s appointee to the Supreme court, PLEDGES to go by the Constitution, as they are SUPPOSED to do, rather than let his own opinions and prejudices, or anything else, such as FOREIGN law, guide his decisions. And liberals HATE that. They want to put one of their own in the Court, so they can depend on the Court to make decisions in their favor, no matter WHAT the Constitution says. So the liberal (Dumocrat) rejection of this good judge begins, futile as it mat be—unless sufficient REPUBLICANS show their hidden liberal leanings, by not voting for him.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: People keep saying certain Dumocrats are “finished” after they said or did certain things. And then they keep right on flapping their lips until the next time their existence is threatened… The president maintains that the Mueller “investigation” is a witch hunt, because it IS a witch hunt… A Texas steakhouse customer was banned because of a racist note he was accused of writing on his bill. Then the truth came out. The waiter wrote it, himself. Which tells us we just can’t depend on what people say without some kind of proof… Word is, the husband of Stormy Daniels wants a divorce. She has a husband? And he’s just now asking for a divorce?… People keep saying war with Iran would be WWIII. WRONG! A world war is where there is fighting in more than one area of the globe by the same, or different people, at the same time. A war with Iran would be over quickly with Iran ceasing to exist as the nation it was

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