Tuesday, August 7, 2018

"Thank God for Murder!"

That’s what they’re saying in New York City in the LGBTQ(XYZ) parade. Actually, the signs read, “Thank God for Abortion!” I never thought I’d see a parade float celebrating the MURDER of unborn, defenseless BABIES! But that’s exactly what this is. Liberals accused returning soldiers from Viet Nam of being “baby killers,” when they were NOT. Now they ARE the “baby killers,” and unashamedly so. They’re even CELEBRATING the MURDER of millions of babies! One participant (whose name I will not mention) even had her own float, to celebrate the number of defenseless babies she has MURDERED. This is the kind of thing Germany suffered from during WWII, but that was under Nazi rule. If they disagreed, they would DIE.

DECLARING HIS STUPIDITY: The best way to get rid of the gun control foolishness is to stop electing anti-gun fools. It’s easy to do, usually, because the fools who want to take away our constitutional right to self defense, and to own and use the means to that end, a gun, really think the whole country is behind them. So they willingly ANNOUNCE it. Very few anti-gun fools HIDE their intentions. In Minneapolis, a mayoral candidate wants to disarm the COPS! The people who have to go up against the holders of ILLEGAL guns, daily. The people who will die first if that ever happens. If it ever happens, all the cops should resign.

CIVIL FORFEITURE IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Cops can TAKE your car if you commit a small crime like having an ounce of pot in it. Or take your HOUSE if your KIDS are found to have coke in it. The whole concept of civil forfeiture was begun when they passed the RICO laws, to take away the money drug dealers, who had a lot of it, could use to defend themselves when arrested. The “authorities freely admit that, apparently not knowing that action effectively took away any chance those drug dealers had to defend themselves against the charges. The Constitution GUARANTEES the right of every citizen to be “secure in their person and their possessions. This law VIOLATES that, in every way.

THE LIBERALS’ DOWNFALL: They think Trump and all his supporters are stupid, while he (and they) run rings around them at every turn. And they’re not even smart enough to understand that. They think he wanders the halls of the White House muttering to himself, and spends too much time watching television. Every time he “steals a march” on them, they belittle it, and believe their belittling. By so doing, they concede the field TO him, whether or not they know it. They really believe they are going to win back control of Congress in the next election because all their friends (all liberals) seem to agree with them.

MEDICARE FOR ALL: That’s one of the stupidest ideas I’ve ever heard. It’s PURE socialism (collectivisim). Who gets to pay for it? The producer of new wealth, of course. Who benefits? Those who produce NO new wealth. The “drones” of society. Medicare for all would cost the government $32 TRILLION dollars, and require taxes so high nobody could pay them and have any money left to pay their own bills—and that’s what socialists want. They want all people DEPENDENT upon the government, so they can “make rules” to CONTROL them. It’s all about CONTROL, using other people’s money. That’s what socialism is all about: using other people’s money to control everybody, INCLUDING those who pay the bills.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was asked how she’s going to pay for all that “free stuff” she is promising, and her answer was simple: “higher taxes for producers.” A typical way for socialists to pay for their promises. Steal from the producer to give to the NON-producer… Socialists like Ocasio-Cortez always talk about “the rich paying their fair share,” completely ignoring the unalterable FACT that the rich pay MOST of the taxes paid… A former top Obama official has taken a look at the recent GDP (under Trump) and said that “Obama led us out of the great recession.” Never mind Obama was the first, and ONLY president under which there was NEVER a year with as much as a 3% GDP. They really think we will believe this crap. These people are really ignorant… 

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