Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Climate Change Is Real

Global warming is NOT. Global warming fools keep trying to claim things are “the result” of “climate change” (name changed from global warming because that term didn’t work any longer) when that is a silly claim. Yes, “climate change” is real. But it is NOT the result of anything man did. Climate change is CYCLICAL. At times the globe warms. At other times it cools. That’s a given. Nothing man can do is going to change that, no matter how much greedy politicians want to USE it to con more money out of taxpayers for specious excuses. Global warming is not because the globe has NOT been warming, for almost 20 years. All the time global warming fools want to convince you it is.

YET ANOTHER ABRIDGMENT: In Pennsylvania, one Dumocrat (of course) lawmaker wants to make a law requiring people who want to buy a gun to BUY a “license” before they can even THINK about buying one. The ability to “license” is the ability to “say no.” And NOBODY should have the ability to say no to an American citizen who is not a felon when he/she wants to buy a gun to be able to defend him/herself. The Constitution clearly states that there shall be NO ABRIDGMENT on the right to be armed. This is yet one more abridgment being placed upon those wishing to exercise a constitutional RIGHT.

THE IMAGINARY “PROBLEM”: Dumocrats are filing an “emergency measure” to prevent Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos from “arming teachers.” There is only one little problem. Nobody is even THINKING about “arming teachers” but liberals, Dumocrats, and other anti-gun fools. This measure is a waste of taxpayer money and time, and is just a “grandstand play” to get attention and PRETEND they are “doing something” about “gun crime.” Teachers should be ALLOWED to be armed, if they WANT to be. NOBODY wants to FORCE them to be armed.

MORE STUPID GUN LAWS: Billionaire anti-gun fool Michael Bloomberg has spent $MILLIONS to take away our right to be armed, so we can DEFEND against such people like the fool who shot up a “gamer’s gathering” in Jacksonville, Florida. Within MINUTES of the news of the shooting, Shannon Watts, boss of the Blooberg-paid for anti-gun fool organization, “MOMS Demand Action” on gun control, LEAPED into action, demanding more of those USELESS gun laws that do NOTHING to stop, or even slow down “gun crime.”

MIGHT” SHOOT STUDENTS: Every argument of the anti-gun fools depends on a “MIGHT.” They say “Teachers MIGHT shoot students” if allowed to be armed. Or ANYBODY who is allowed to carry a gun “MIGHT” shoot somebody over a parking spot or a fender bender. Never mind people are even now doing that, now. In spite of their highly-touted gun laws that don’t work. They’re afraid of something that “MIGHT” never happen, but it sounds good to their ears. They have nothing else, so they push their IMAGINARY scenarios. Never mind there are already MILLIONS of illegal guns, already out there, in the hands of people who just want to victimize us, and they are the biggest supporters of gun control there are, because they know that reduces the chances of their intended victims being armed, and able to defend themselves.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Nancy Peelosi says, “Maxine Waters strikes fear in the heart of Donald Trump. Not even! Even if she were important, he couldn’t care less about this silly, stupid bi...er, witch… Obama claims,”not a smidgen of corruption” in his administration.” Why then, did the IRS have to pay $350 million to Tea Party Groups? That seems a little like a corruption scandal, to me. I think his biggest problem is his blindness on several issues, including this one… They just proved it. They SAY Trump accused them of “collusion” in trying to get rid of him, and they just proved him right with their decision to have at least 100 newspapers run much the same editorials, savaging Trump… People who believe the BS the liberal elites put out are IGNORANT. They just don’t know what they’re talking about, due to the fact that they’ve been subjected to the “liberal line” most of their lives, in the media and in school… 

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