Thursday, August 9, 2018

Mueller's Credibility

He has none. He threw that away right after being appointed, when he hired 13 KNOWN anti-Trump Dumocrats to be his staff. One that attended Hillary’s “victory party” before she realized she had been whupped. Another was an FBI man who was having an affair with another anti-Trumper, both of who were unalterably OPPOSED to anything Donald Trump ever did. Then there were all the other people, some of whom had worked on Hillary’s campaign, or the campaigns of other Dumocrats. Just about every one of them had reasons to want to FRAME Trump for anything they could. The bias of every member of his staff is not in question to anybody but other Dumocrats.

RUSSIANS ARE MEDDLING: They have been meddling in our elections forever, starting when it became technologicly possible for them to do so. And they continue, to this day, and will continue to do so well into the future, until we find a way to put a stop to it. But that has NOTHING to do with President Trump. They did "collude" with Hillary. But nobody's interested in that. The Dumocrats refuse to admit it, but they had nothing to do with him being elected president. The American PEOPLE did. They voted for him in numbers Dumocrats could not believe. The Dumocrats CLAIM she won the popular vote, and that might be true, since she was able to phony up millions of votes. But that’s not how we elect presidents, and it has been that way from the beginning, to stop the very things she, and her crew did.

ISSUE OF THE WEEK: Recently it was “bump stocks.” Now it’s “3D printed guns.” Today’s issue is, as usual, all over the liberal media. The anti-gun fools wouldn’t know what to do with themselves without the “issue of the week.” At one time it was “gun-free zones.” Then they got a bunch of them authorized by gullible politicians and then moved on to something else. Like making people pass background checks to buy BULLETS. Or putting tiny numbers on all gun parts. Never mind that’s almost impossible to do. They make laws to REQUIRE it be done. They never listen to reason. Liberals have gone on record as saying logic and reason do not exist. That way, they do not have to USE logic, OR reason in what they do.

WORLD RENOWNED GUN EXPERT”: CNN interviews world renowned gun expert, teenage BS artist David Hogg. How did he get to be an expert? The anti-gun fools painted him that way because he happened to end up close to where some of his student friends were being killed by a mass shooter. He CLAIMS to have been right there, dodging bullets. But that’s doubtful. I think he just seized upon that to get his “fifteen minutes of fame.” Well, he got it. Bought and paid for by the anti-gun fools, so they could use a “bona-fide victim” as a spokesman. Never mind everything he says is wrong.

DEMOCRAT FOR MASS MURDER: Apparently Bobby Smith, a Kentucky politician, figures the best way to win political arguments is to hang all those who disagree with you. His party? Surprise, surprise! He’s a Dumocrat! He is stupid enough to come right out and say what all Dumocrats think, but won’t admit. He’s running for a judgeship, and is apparently supporting the lynching of all those he calls “good ol’ boys,” those who disagree with him. This is the kind of politician we need to permanently retire. Unfortunately most of them HIDE their tendencies toward mass murder for their opponents AND their wish to disarm ALL Americans.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Headline: “Democrats Start Name Calling.” That’s not news. A political argument with a Dumocrat only lasts about 30 seconds before he starts calling you names, instead of trying to answer your arguments logically. That’s how they win… Good luck on that. 85 year old Justice Ginsberg says she’s going to hang on until after Trump is (hopefully) out of office and a Dumocrat has replaced him. I got a clue for ya, Ginsy. Odds are against that… “Mad Max(ine)” Waters is “the face of the Dumocrat Party. They deny it every time it is brought up. But they can’t avoid it, so good luck with that… Anti Trump damned foolishness: A woman rammed her car into a SUV because it displayed a Trump sticker. Now tell me anti-Trumpism isn’t a sickness… CNN’s Acosta whines to Sarah Sanders about Trump calling the liberal media “the enemy of the people.” Yet it is people like Acosta who MAKE it that…

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