Thursday, August 30, 2018

Political Double-Talk

This is happening in Canada, where they have no Second Amendment. But the same thing is happening here, too. Politicians tell us they don’t want to take away our right to own and use the major tool for self defense, a gun, while they go about doing just that. In Canada, Trudeau wants a complete ban on guns “while not impeding the lawful use of firearms by Canadians.” Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Right. I’ve heard many liberal politicians saying much the same thing, except they actually refer to the Second Amendment as an “archaic” thing. Politicians always tell you they’re not doing what they’re doing, and way too many fools believe them.

OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY: California governor candidate Gavin Newsom wants to give illegal aliens “universal health care” at taxpayer expense. That means giving money to CRIMINALS while STEALING the money from American citizens through excessive taxes. This is a typical position of a liberal politician. Giving away money that belongs to somebody else. Never their own, and giving no consideration to how they are going to pay for it. Universal health care, even if it is just for illegal aliens, will COST TRILLIONS. California is already in money trouble, because of past giveaway programs, and now they want yet another. At least Gavin Newsom does.

UNRELIABLE SOURCES: One of the biggest SCAMS in today’s liberal media is the “anonymous source.” It allows them to MAKE UP stories, BASED on a “source that is unnamed, and reported as gospel. The best recent example of this is the “media explosion” that Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, was going to testify to information that would “implicate Trump” in criminal activity! Based, of course, on an “unnamed source.” Which turns out to be false, given them by Lanny Davis, Cohen’s lawyer.

IT’S WAY TOO MUCH: I realize that John McCain was many things, to many people. And I appreciate that even more people want it to SEEM like they liked, and respected him, even though they may have disagreed with him on many issues and hated his guts. I respected him as a man who was “up front” in all things, and made no “bones” about it. I also believe it was tragic, the way he died. But no more. I won’t pretend that I “revered” him, as many do. That being said, I think the news media, including Fox, are making way too much of the “outpouring of sympathy” at his passing.

DON’T UNDERSTAND SOCIALISM: I saw a comment to a comic strip today, that supported socialism and said other people don’t understand that socialism is “people cooperating together” to accomplish things. That shows an abysmal IGNORANCE about socialism. Socialism is, in NO WAY “people cooperating together.” It is the government STEALING the fruits of the production of those who PRODUCE new wealth, so they can give it, UNEARNED, to those who produce little, or nothing.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Senate Dumocrats have published a memo saying they want to take over the Internet, and CENSOR all conservative speech. Dumocrats are quick to accuse President Trump of being a “wanna-be dictator,” while themselves proposing dictatorial powers for themselves. They promote such things on the PRETENSE of “protecting us from ourselves… Dumocrat Senator Mark Warner has filed a suit to stop Trump from doing what he has the power to do: take away security clearances from people no longer in government, and so have no real need for them except to be able to command more money. Just like one stupid judge tried when he “ordered” him not to enforce immigration law, which will not hold up when it reaches a higher court… New study shows guys don’t want to date transgenders, and they call that “proof of discrimination.” I certainly wouldn’t want to date, or have sex with someone with a penis. Calling it discrimination makes it look like there is no good reason NOT to date them. Only gay or bi men would want to date them because they don’t have the right “equipment”

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