Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Ignorance Personified

That’s David Hogg. A teenaged fool who thinks he knows everything, and has found someone dumb enough to let him talk to a lot of people. Like most young fools, he thinks he is smarter than people who have had years of experience he has not lived long enough to have had. Now he’s saying that Trump will “cancel” the 2020 elections. Apparently, he never got to read the Constitution, even if he could understand what it says (maybe he could have someone read it to him). In any case, a president CANNOT just “cancel” an election in the United states and stay in office. That’s what “tin-pot dictators” do, and that’s not what President Trump is, even if Hogg’s liberal handlers tell him he can.

SECOND IS THE PERMIT: That’s essentially what the Ninth Circuit has said. The NINTH! The most reversed liberal court in the land! The “last resort” for liberals who want unconstitutional laws declared constitutional! And they have now made a “landmark ruling guaranteed to make liberals’ heads EXPLODE! They are saying that every state or local law requiring a permit to exercise a constitutional right to carry a gun is unconstitutional. That you need not go, hat in hand, to a nameless, faceless, clueless bureaucrat and pay him MONEY to LET YOU exercise this constitutional right. You have the right to buy and USE a gun, and what’s more, CARRY it, WITHOUT buying a permit.

SCHUMER’S STUPID WARNING: Chuckie Schumer has “warned folks” to “watch out for 3D printed guns,” completely ignoring the MILLIONS of real guns, already out there. This shows the typical stupidity shown by many politicians, who have no idea what goes on in the world, outside of their own personal interests. There is nothing new about unregistered guns in circulation, way before they invented 3D printing. Chuckie just THINKS that represents a “new threat” because of his limited knowledge. And this fool is responsible for the entire Dumocrat Party in The Senate. First of all, he does not understand guns—or anything else he PRETENDS to make laws for or against.

TRUMP TAPE BIG NOTHING: President Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen regularly taped interviews with his clients—at least ONE client, anyway, giving him something to release later to the public, to hurt that client. My question is, how is this legal? Lawyers have been DISBARRED for allowing “privileged information” to come out. The very EXISTENCE of this tape is UNETHICAL, at the very least, and probably ILLEGAL, as well. Furthermore the very way the government GOT this tape should be illegal, and is CERTAINLY unethical on the part of the government. They would never raid a lawyer’s office to get “evidence” in a MURDER case, so why should they be allowed to do it to frame the president?

RUN HILLARY, RUN! There’s talk of Hillary Clinton running again for president in 2020. I LOVE it! She’s apparently a glutton for punishment, and I can think of nothing else worse than suffering a THIRD time this country telling her she’s not wanted. What she doesn’t know, or won’t admit to herself is that her candidacy is probably the best thing Trump could hope for in the next election. It will GUARANTEE him another win, this time in a landslide. Furthermore, all the dithering and hate-filled violence engaged in by the Dumocrats and their accomplices helps Republicans, even more. The more Dumocrats display their irrational hatred of Trump, the more they reveal themselves as “the swamp” Trump describes. So keep it up, fools! You’re going to guarantee Trump his next victory, and your demise.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: It’s very disturbing to me that socialism is making such strides in the Dumocrat Party. Socialism has failed, or will fail, everywhere it has been tried. So why don’t people see this and stay away from a system that depends on the THEFT of the EARNINGS of those who earn their own way to GIVE, unearned, that stolen, to those who produce nothing, and therefore earn, NOTHING?...Poll finds that 49% want Dumocrats to control the next Congress. Where did they go to find that many liberals to poll? That’s the only way they’d have gotten such a result. I can’t believe there are that many STUPID people out there… Gowdy says that if there was ANY “evidence” of Trump colluding with the Russians, “Pencil Neck” Adam Schiff would have leaked it…

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