Thursday, August 23, 2018

Next We Ban Cars

In Great Britain they never learned that banning the tools bad people use to kill other people never stops them. They had several major mass shootings. They don’t have a Second Amendment, so they banned guns. Then the bad guys started killing people with knives, so they banned knives. Then people started killing people with cars. Now the mayor of London wants to ban cars. They just don’t get it, no more than our own stupid politicians don’t get it. Banning the TOOLS bad guys use to victimize the law abiding NEVER stops them. They just use something else, or IGNORE your laws and use those tools, anyway.

GUN RESEARCH WITHOUT POLITICS”: That’s what they promise with new “research” being conducted at Arizona State University, using a $5 million dollar grant from the National Institutes of Health, one of the most anti-gun fool outfits there are. Do you think their results won’t be used politically? If you do, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn that can be yours at a song. Gun research without politics. Now THAT’S funny! Since when have you seen ANY “gun research,” on either side, that didn’t end up with politics? No matter which side the research comes down on, one side supports it, and the other side opposes it. That’s the very DEFINITION of politics.

POLITICIANS NEVER LEARN! Chicago is one of the worst cities to live in if you value your life, because, in spite of draconian anti-gun laws, they have one of the highest numbers of people shot in the nation. People (mostly gang members) routinely IGNORE their “gun laws” and continue to shoot one another with abandon. So Dumocrat Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to make more of them. Never mind they don’t work worth a damn. I hate to say a politician is STUPID, but I can think of no better way to describe such stupidity as this. In just one weekend recently, 70 PEOPLE were shot, and 12 KILLED. There are WAR ZONES with fewer such reports!

THEY JUST WANT POWER: “Gun control” is just the vehicle. The excuse. For politicians who merely want the power to tell you than you CAN’T have, or use a gun for self defense. I’ve said a few times, they are “against self defense.” And that might be true, to an extent. But the real thing they’re after is the POWER to tell us we can’t have, or use a gun, for ANY reason. Look at all the silly laws they get passed. Each one of them tells us that. “Gun-free zones,” for instance, tell us we CAN’T bring a gun into that “zone,” while criminals and terrorists do so, at will, in spite of the law, which they IGNORE.

IT’S ALL ABOUT POWER: Liberal politicians simply want the POWER. Power to tell you whether you can, or cannot do something. Anything. Like in California, where they want to tell you that you CAN’T use plastic straws, using the silly excuse that they are “bad for the environment,” ignoring the fact that PAPER straws were once part of a tree. All the gun laws that limit your ability to defend yourself from fools with their ILLEGAL guns. Now California wants to tell CHILDREN they can’t drink anything but milk or water. Do they really think the children will obey? They’re dreaming! They just want the POWER.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: They make it all up. Trump haters have nothing REAL against President Trump, so they make things up. Omarosa, for instance. She CLAIMS to have “heard” Trump making racist comments on tape. But mysteriously, she can’t produce those tapes, and she is a KNOWN liar, having been “caught in the act” before… NY Governor Cuomo admits to a federal crime in pubic. Will he be prosecuted the same way as you or I in similar circumstances? Doubtful. He’s a Dumocrat politician, after all… Omarosa says Trump “has no respect for women” because he called her a “dog.” Actually, he has no respect for LIARS, which she is known to be, and that was a nice way of calling her a SOB… When liberals have nothing else, they attack Trump’s use of words. Words such as “dog.” Which he has a perfect right to use…

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