Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Hey! A REAL Justice!

If Trump’s latest appointee to the Supreme Court is affirmed, it’s good news for those who wish the Supreme Court would just do what they are SUPPOSED to do: figure out if a law follows the constitution, or not. Lately, the Court has not done that. It has “made it’s own law.” It has ruled, based on FOREIGN LAW. Everything BUT the Constitution of the United States of America, which it is MANDATED to do. It is supposed to be a “last resort” to keep ignorant politicians from violating the Constitution with their many stupid laws. And that is the most noticeable on gun control. Each and every “gun control law” now in force is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Why? Because they are an ABRIDGMENT on the Second Amendment right that says “the right to be armed shall not be abridged."

TAX BREAK FOR THE RICH: That’s the favorite mantra (LIE) of the Dumocrats whenever taxes are reduced by a Republican. Never mind the many people who benefit from such reductions—and I’m not talking about “the rich.” They just can’t admit that tax breaks are for EVERYBODY, including the rich, who PRODUCE most of the riches, anyway, by their ideas and industry. They CREATE more economic greatness than anybody. Without the rich, there are NO JOBS. Another Dumocrat mantra is that “the rich don’t pay their fair share” of taxes. Yet the government’s own figures (IRS) show that the rich pay MOST taxes paid, period. What would be their “fair share?” 100% of all taxes paid?

ARE THE REMAINS REAL? I just watched VP Pence receive what is claimed to be the remains of 55 American heroes from the Korean War. I’m glad to see that the UN flags have been replaced by the proper American Flags on their containers, which are not proper caskets. To have them returned (if, they are indeed, American soldiers in those boxes) under UN flags is an INSULT. Yes, they fought under that flag, but they died under the AMERICAN flag, and they deserve to be buried under an American Flag. Frankly, I wouldn’t put it past Kim Jong Stupid to send us random Korean dead, for which he is responsible, while laughing up his sleeve at how he fooled us.

BECOMING THE NORM”: That’s what the Colorado Springs police chief said, after yet another cop was shot. And he’s right. Way too many holders of ILLEGAL guns are shooting, and sometimes KILLING cops, who are just doing their jobs, trying to keep the rest of us safe. You can thank such as the “Black Lives Matter” crowd, who CLAIM that cops shoot too many black men. Something they can’t prove, because there are no stats to prove it, and it's not true. You can also thank those who BUY, and spew the fiction that cops go out each day, trying to see how many black men they can kill. The fact is, just about ALL the black men the cops kill are shooting at them, or are just about to.

UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES: Obama hates it, but he became the best gun salesman on the planet when he did his best to DISARM all Americans. Now lawmakers all over are trying to ban 3D printed guns, which will make them irresistible and promote more and more sales to people who otherwise might not even want one. That is the “unintended consequence” of all their efforts to make it impossible for law-abiding Americans to have the means for self defense. Bad for them, good for us. And they don’t even realize it. Anti-gun fools flail and flail around and try valiantly to disarm us—and largely, they fail.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Obama lies and says there wasn’t a single scandal during his administration. All that means is that he didn’t RECOGNIZE any of them as scandals… The Philadelphia mayor has stopped giving ICE access to “real time” arrest records. Won’t provide them with information so they can do their jobs and enforce the law… It is said that the Muslim “religion” is the fastest growing. It’s not hard to grow when you tell people, “convert or die,” as they’re doing in Iraq… Giuliani said Trump’s former lawyer was honorable, until he found out just how DIShonorable he was… They’re saying it’s time to debunk the claims that Obama was tough on terror. Hell, he didn’t even know there WAS terror, or terrorists!… Hollywood liberals are saying, “We’re tired of the character assassination!” Then why in hell don’t they STOP it? They are the biggest character assassins…

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