Thursday, February 1, 2018

Who's Really to Blame?

Netflix Talk Show Host Chelsea Handler throws blame for mass shootings everywhere but where it belongs, as do most other anti-gun fools. Basically, she blames the NRA and the Republicans, because they "failed" to pass the usually USELESS anti-gun laws that do NOTHING to "stem gun violence." Instead, it is those laws that are to blame, because they specifically DISARM the law-abiding, making them "easy targets" for the criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists, who routinely IGNORE those useless laws. It is not the law-abiding that are most likely to shoot up a school and kill a bunch of children. But you can't tell them that. Their minds are made up, so don't confuse them with facts.

IT HAPPENED AGAIN: Anti-gun fools say private citizens with legal guns never stop a criminal from victimizing people. But it happens all the time, and it happened again. A female mail carrier was attacked by a thug with what I can only assume is an ILLEGAL gun (since the item about it says nothing about that), and a bystander fired a few shots into the ground to distract him. He then tried to attack the bystander, but then she threw a few shots in his direction, convincing him that would be a bad idea. So he fled, But he didn't get very far, because the cops had arrived by then and cornered him.

WHITE SUPREMACY: The Dumocrats claim racism and "white supremacy" (other words MEANING racism) everywhere. But it is the Dumocrats who are the racists. Always has been. They are the ones who think of all things in terms of race. They see racism where there is none. They take innocent words and call them "code" to mean white supremacy. We almost had racism under control until Barack Obama started calling everybody who disagreed with him on anything racists. There was a time when it was unthinkable for a black person to be elected to political office in the south. Now almost every politician in the south is black, and/or female. It was a Dumocrat administration against which Martin Luther King marched, "Jim Crow" and Bull Connor were Dumocrats. The Ku Klux Klan was a Dumocrat creation, designed to keep blacks down. Dumocrats filibustered the Equal Rights Act.

MORE FAKE NEWS: The left says if Trump doesn't like what they say it's "fake news." What they don't say is that most of what they say now IS fake news. The Dumocrats have a simple playbook. On the first page is instructions on how to "create a lie" against your enemies, repeat it over and over until it becomes an "article of faith" that it's true. The most recent example is the story about Russia contributing money to the NRA, to be used to elect Donald Trump to the presidency. Another is the pipe dream that Trump "thought about" firing Robert Mueller, neither of which have any proof they're true.

MOVING FROM CALIFORNIA: Weatherby, Inc., a California gun maker, is moving out of California, to Wyoming. Apparently the gun laws in California have become just too much of a burden on them, and they're looking for place that is more "gun friendly" than California, which, apparently, likes illegal alien CRIMINALS more than the law-abiding people who are cursed by living there (I'm glad I no longer live there). The way their gun laws work, coupled with their "sanctuary state" policies, guarantee higher gun crime rates, by DISARMING the law-abiding, making it easier for CRIMINALS, who obey NO laws, to victimize those law-abiding people who do.

IT'S ALWAYS RACE: Whenever Dumocrats look at anything, they try and introduce racism into things, even if they have to twist things out of all recognition to do so. The "PieGate" "reporter" who said Sarah Sanders didn't bake the pie she brought to a press briefing, also says that "White Women were FORCED by their husbands to vote for Trump," and that's the only reason they did. She told TWO LIES there when she added the "white women" to the original lie. Naturally, she's black, and only insulted WHITE women, which is okay today as liberals build racism against white people.

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