Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Everything Is Racist

Every day they come up with something new they declare to be racist, on the thinnest of "evidence." They confidently take innocent words and condemn them, saying they're "code" for racism. Now they say, "YOGA is racist, because "you’re at least contributing to 'white supremacy', saying: 'yoga practice in the United States is intimately linked to some of the larger forces of white supremacy' and is 'tied up with colonialism.' " What a load of bulldoo-doo THAT is! It stretches credulity to the max! But they don't care about, or don't even KNOW that. They just choose something at random and say it's racism. So the word "racism" no longer has ANY meaning.

"AMERICANS ARE DREAMERS TOO": That's a phrase that Trump probably heard first on the Rush Limbaugh show, since one of his callers said it nine days before the State of the Union speech, and the Dumocrats are livid. They are complaining that Trump "just doesn't understand how that offends Democrats." Oh, he understands it, okay. He MEANT it to offend Dumocrats, and to point out the fallacy of their stand, which puts the progeny of illegal aliens BEFORE American citizens, which is really crappy. Besides, who gives a tinker's damn if Dumocrats are offended?

DECLARING HIS STUPIDITY: Virginia's new governor has rushed to declare he is as stupid as the "lame duck" governor, Terry McAuliffe. Nw Governor Ralph Northam has declared that "gun control" will be a primary goal of his administration. Never mind gun control, as we know it, doesn't work, has never worked, and never will work. That's because it is based on several fallacies: first, that lawbreakers, who obey no laws at all, will somehow obey their laws that say they can't be armed when they commit their other crimes. Second, that making a law against criminals being armed will somehow be OBEYED by people who break laws for a living.

NO CORRELATION: The "experts" say "there is no correlation" between gun ownership and gun crime, which proves my contention that legal gun owners are NOT the problem in gun crime. As usual, their "figures" only apply to LEGAL gun owners, and completely ignore the ILLEGAL guns out there, whose numbers equal, or surpass the number of LEGAL guns noted in the "study." Of what use is this "study," I don't know, since it takes into account, only LEGAL guns. Criminals usually don't get theur guns legally, and usually don't stand for background checks. nor do they register their illegal guns.

NEVER HEARD OF MS-13: MSNBC's Joy Reid says that "Nobody that doesn't watch Fox News has ever heard of MS-13." Which, for a change, is not "false news." She's right But not because of the reason she thinks. It's because Fox is the only news source that RAN the stories about their atrocities. All the others, including MSNBC, IGNORED them. So naturally, people who didn't watch Fox News know nothing about MS-13, which is one of the bloodiest street gangs, which has MURDERED lots of people, and accidentally killed others while murdering other gang members and other victims.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: The Flat Earth Society is real, and meets every year. I hear they want Chuckie Schumer or Nancy Peelosi to be their president, next year.... Adam Shiff thinks the “Trump Dossier” should remain secret because “us peasants” aren’t smart enough to understand it. If that were true, what would it MATTER if it were released? Shiff is like a lot of liberals. He thinks everybody else is stupid.... Chuckie Schumer says “negotiating with Trump us like negotiating with Jello.” Which shows he doesn’t know when he’s been beaten by a really skilled negotiator, which HE isn’t.... Dumocrats say Trump has “had a poisonous first year.” Which tells me Trump has succeeded beyond our wildest dreams in “draining the swamp”.…

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