Monday, February 12, 2018

What's the Story

It has been four months since a crazed shooter killed a bunch of people by shooting into a crowd of concert-goers in Las Vegas, and STILL we have no idea what's going on in the "investigation." The coroner will not release the results of the autopsy of the dead shooter, and has been defying a court order to do so--and is getting away with it. No arrest warrant for him for contempt of court. The court has done NOTHING to enforce its order and the sheriff is "playing his cards close to his vest." Is it a coverup? Scuttlebutt is that a second "person of interest" has been arrested. But no info on who he/she is, or why he/she is in custody. Now word its the coroner has released autopsy results, but they are for a man shorter and weighing less than the shooter. What gives?

WHAT ABOUT "NAZI?" Liberals are going about moaning about Trump calling those ugly, stone-faced faced Dumocrats who would not applaud the good things in his speech, "traitors." Boo, hoo! They completely forget all the nasty insults they have thrown his way on a daily basis. Such things as "Nazi," or "insane," or "not smart enough to be president." Do they think Dumocrats are the only ones to be allowed to insult people, and they can't insult back? They've called Trump a "traitor" and a "despot" often enough. They just aren't used to their targets fighting back as they savage them.

CREATING WHAT THEY FEAR: After the THIRD cop killing in Colorado in 36 days, I have to think: are the "Black Lives Matter" fools CREATING the very thing they claim to fear? Cops who are "trigger happy" and much more quick to shoot than they should be? They weren't that way before malcontents and fools began setting traps for them as they went about their usual duties so that they have to be afraid of dying as they investigate a domestic violence call? That's what happened in Thornton, Colorado, as a bunch of cops went on a "noise complaint" call, probably called in by the killer to lure cops there so he could shoot and kill as many as he could. In the south Denver area, the call was equally innocuous, as was the call in Colorado Springs, 60 miles south of Denver.

LIES, LIES, AND DAMNED LIES: You can lie to Americans and some of them will believe you, if you neglect to include raw statistics. For instance, the anti-gun fools say the reason we have the highest "gun death" rate in the world is our "lax gun laws." One little problem: the RAW stats don't back that up. "Americans own more guns per capita than any other nationality, about 101 per 100 inhabitants, remarkable since barely more than a third of us own guns." At the same time, "The United States has far from the highest rate of murder by gun. We kill 3.2 people per 100,000 inhabitants each year. Brazilians kill about 18.1 per 100,000, Paraguayans about 7.35." That CLEARLY puts us in THIRD PLACE to two countries that have stiffer gun laws than we do,

THOSE NASTY REDACTIONS: Rep Schiff (D) purposely put some things into his "memo" that he KNEW would be redacted, so he could CLAIM that Trump redacted things for political purposes because they made him look bad. They will be things that are supposed to remain secret, but by the very nature of redactions, Trump can't reveal what they were, so "Pencil Neck's claims will be something else that will be an "article of faith" are true, although they will be a LIE. "Pencil Neck is an expert liar.

THANK GOD FOR NRA: Hillary and her henchmen are now claiming that, "If not for the NRA, Hillary would now be president. "Let’s face the facts. Without the NRA Hillary would be President and Schumer would be the leading the Senate. The Supreme Court would be backed with young gun grabbing justices. The record number of judges DJ Trump has had appointed would be all to the left of center [WAY to the left -RT].". Imagine the 9th Circuit Court being the norm for the country as a whole." Not only that, that mad woman, Nancy Preelosi would again be the Majority Leader in thr House, and, between her and Chuckie, they would be able to forever block ALL legislation Trump suggests. Soon we would be a socialist country.

GUN VIOLENCE: TERRORISM? That's what liberals are saying now. "Gun violence is a form of terrorism." Not a chance! Terrorism is killing innocent people for one reason: to promote an idea. Gun violence in the USA doesn't fall under that umbrella. Criminal gun violence is usually to take away from people, that which they've EARNED. Something the government does so well. Trying to equate gun violence with terrorism is a typical Dumocrat scam to make more of it than it is, and frighten people into supporting their silly gun laws. Gun violence, most of which is committed by people who IGNORE their highly touted "gun laws," would not be stopped by their useless gun laws, and never has been.

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