Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Trump's Numbers Are Up!

In spite of all the Dumocrat scheming, all their clever wording of the questions and the places they are taken (where liberals and other Dumocrats live and work), and all the phony news reports they see to being published by their liberal media, they're finding they can't keep his numbers down forever. The truth eventually seeps out, and even those who pay no attention to politics begin noticing that things just are NOT the way they've been told they were. Now he's in the high forties and they're livid.

PELOSI'S SOUR GRIMACE: You could tell Dumocrats didn't llike what they were hearing as they listened to Trump extolling all the good things he had accomplished in his first year in office, taking directly to the American people without the usual "filter" of the liberal media. The truth was out. Nancy Peelosi's facial expressions were very instructive. She was moving her mouth as if she mistook her Preparatation H for her false teeth glue this morning. Her expression looked much like it would if Chuckie Schumer had let a "toic fart" in her direction, thus fouling the air in the room.

PROUD CLIMATE CHANGE DENIER: The "climate change acolytes" describe those who haven't "bought" their swindle about global warming (now known as "climate change" because they discovered the globe wasn't warming, and hadn't for almost 20 years) as "climate change deniers." They use that as an epithet. An insult. But I look upon it as a compliment on my INTELLIGENCE as I look at the FACTS, not the LIES they put out, which are sworn to by their "bought and paid for scientists" who fear they'll lose their "grants" (bribes) if they don't agree.

LIES, LIES, & MORE LIES: The anti-gun fools can't tell the truth about the reasons they want to violate the Second Amendment of the Constitution, so they just lie about it, or misrepresent it. They IGNORE the fact that MOST of the "gun crime" that occurs is done by people who IGNORE their stupid, ineffective, and USELESS laws that do NOTHING to reduce gun crime and, instead, INCREASE it by DISARMING the law-abiding, making them "easy targets for those who IGNORE their laws. They foolishly reject the whole idea of arming the law-abiding, who usually do not commit gun crimes, while those who obey NO laws have no trouble getting their guns to use in victimizing us.

ANOTHER STUPID LAW: In Idaho, they want  a "stand your ground" law. That means a person who is threatened with an ILLEGAL or legal gun wielder may "stand his ground" and fight back, if he has the means to do so and so wishes. In the absence of such a law, people seem to be mandated to "RUN" when so faced. Of course, to run when someone points a gun at you may cause your DEATH, but that doesn't seem to matter to the anti-gun fools, who just want to DISARM the populace.

ALWAYS BLAME THE NRA: That's what anti-gun fools do, whether or not they are in a position to make laws against gun ownership. In this case, the aunt of a female victim extols the child's "good points" and offers her dead body (figuratively, of course) to the NRA as a "sacrifice." She blames the NRA, even though the teen who killed her was NOT legally able to own a gun, and most likely STOLE it from someone who was. That is NOT the NRA's fault, but it's easy for the ignorant to blame whomever they wish, even falsely.

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