Friday, February 9, 2018

Anything But Sensible

The anti-gun fools describe all their efforts to disarm Americans as "sensible," but they are ANYTHING BUT sensible. They don't work worth a damn. But they keep imposing new, ineffective, and sometimes unenforceable laws and regulations, while "gun crime" continues, and INCREASES. They're all unconstitutional because they are all INFRINGEMENTS on our right to be armed for self defense. Their laws and regulations only cause gun violence to succeed, because they DISARM the very VICTIMS of gun crime, which is usually accomplished by use of guns that are ILLEGALLY owned.

FBI ELECTION INTERFERENCE: The Dumocrat fools are trying valiantly to find some evidence that Trump "colluded" with the Russians to get elected. They've been trying ever since the election, for more than a YEAR, and have found NOTHING that could be properly described as "evidence." Meanwhile, they have been ignoring REAL evidence that the FBI interfered with the election, assisted by the Russians, hoping to keep Trump out of the presidency. The FBI used that phony "Trump dossier" to get a FISA Warrant to allow them to eavesdrop on the Trump campaign, PRETENDING to only be looking at a "possible spy" in the Trump Building. That "dossier" was paid for by the Hillary campaign.

THE IGNORANCE OF SOME PEOPLE: In Tennessee, a uniformed policeman entered an "Outback" restaurant while on duty. According to regulations of his force, he was armed, as (fortunately) are ALL police officers (so far) in the United States. The manager approached him and asked him to take his gun out to his vehicle while in the restaurant. He responded that he could not do that, as he was REQUIRED to be armed at all times when in uniform. So she went to make a phone call. I don't know who she talked to, but she then came back and asked him to leave. Seems a fool woman saw his gun and was frightened, "because cops shoot people." The cop says he will not be back to this restaurant, even though upper management sent him a $100 gift card and apologized profusely. But since they are a "no gun zone" nationwide, I will not eat there again, either.

MORE ANTI-GUN LIES: CNN's Jim Acosta, a KNOWN liar, has now told the most UNBELIEVABLE lie, ever. On Dec. 14, 2017. he claimed that there have been 1.552 "mass shootings since the Sandy Hill school shooting. He uses the FBI definition of a "mass shooting" that a shooting with four or more deaths is a "mass shooting." A pretty low level. But, in addition, he includes shootings in which there were no deaths. Additionally, I don't think even FOUR deaths constitutes a "mass shooting." When I think of a mass shooting, I see more than four deaths involved.

EAGLES FANS RIOT: So they won the Super Bowl. Rah, rah! But does that give the fans the right to riot, and destroy property? They did just that, setting fires, overturning cars (that aren't theirs), and largely "running wild." Frankly, I hope the Denver Broncos never go to the Super Bowl again, since that seems to be "routine" in cities whose teams do win one. When Denver won its last Super Bowl I was on duty as a security officer in a downtown building, and we had to lock the doors and not let anybody in, as they trashed things all over downtown Denver. They set one dumpster fire right in front of our building. I wonder if the losers riot, too?

WHY HELP TRUMP? Minutes after she lost the election, Hillary and her gang met to "pony up" a "reason" why Trump didn't win the election fairly, hoping she could get the results of the election set aside, and thereby become president (a forlorn hope). So they hatched the "Russian Collusion" scheme. The only problem was, there was no "evidence" to support their theory. But that has never stopped them before. They just LIE their way around it. Their usual scam is to make an outlandish, but (maybe) believable statement, give it to the liberal media (which is in their pocket, anyway), to repeat, over and over again until people who "pay no attention to politics" until just before an election believe it, then DEMAND that their opponents prove it is NOT true. Which is an impossible task, since you can't prove a negative.

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