Friday, February 2, 2018

Gun Grabbers Are Stupid!

They have to know that not a single law they've made has stopped a single instance of "gun violence," but they insist on making them, while only the law-abiding obey them. And the law-abiding usually aren't the ones that commit "gun crimes." Whenever some fool does something stupid with a gun, they jump up and down, demanding we make even more stupid, USELESS laws for criminals and other malcontents to ignore. While the law-abiding DO obey their laws and are routinely victimized by those who do not. Every once in a while, a mass shooter DID obey the law when he bought his guns. BUt he was not a member of the group that could not buy a gun at the time because he was as yet not a felon or other offender who cannot buy a gun.

2nd AMENDMENT A PRIVILEGE? That's what the governor of Arkansas thinks. Seems like all the other provisions in the "Bill of Rights" are RIGHTS, but the Second is "just a privilege." He spouts that nonsense to excuse his trying to make unconstitutional laws that violate the Constitution. He says he "supports gun rights with reasonable limits." But ANY limits on the right of all Americans to own and use guns for self defense is an "abridgment," which is PROHIBITED by that Second Amendment, which IS a right. Anybody trying to say it is not is a LIAR and a fool.

TALKING TO THE TALIBAN: Anybody who thinks we can talk the Taliban out of killing innocent people just are ignorant of what the Taliban stands for. They want only one thing: to KILL those who don't believe in their perverted version of Islam. Anything else they claim to believe in is merely incidental to this basic belief. They will NOT "discuss" abandoning this, since it is an "article of faith" in their perverted view of Islam. They will SAY they're willing to negotiate, and even go through the motions for a while, while they resupply their murderous troops and re-position their men. Then they wil violate any "agreements" they seem to have made, and kill even more people. The way to deal with them is to KILL them, man and boy. Even women. if they commit terrorist acts.

SOCIALISM IS THEFT: Ben Shapiro said it best when hr said, "The idea that I owe you something because you are here is theft." And that's what socialism, in all its forms, is--THEFT. Their basic motto, "FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED," making NEED a DEMAND on the earnings of others, is thinly disguised THEFT, by the government. Collectivism, of which socialism is just one form, is just that: STEALING from those who EARN for the benefit of those who do NOT.

KNOCKING FOX NEWS: I read the comics on the Internet every day, with my breakfast. I do that because I no longer buy and read the Denver Post, the only remaining major newspaper in Denver after it killed the Rocky Mountain News, and then immediately raised its rates and reduced its page size and number of pages. I also see some of the reader comments, and noted this morning one reader who called Fox News "Fake News." A typical stupid thought from a liberal, since Fox is the only news source that tells you ALL the news, even that which liberals would rather you not know. The "fake news" comes from the rest of the "media," which LIES daily, sometimes even HOURLY, and IGNORES important stories that do not move their phony narrative forward.

SO WHAT? WHO CARES? Dumocrat lunatic Maxine Waters did not go to go to the State of the Union speech. So what? Who cares? There are many Dumocrat lunatics who likewise say they will not attend. Again, who cares? You can bet they will be listening, along with millions of others, Dumocrat and Republican. She says she will release her own "memo," but who, outside of other Dumocrats is going to read it? Adam Schiff is also going to write his own "memo." So what? Nobody can change the effect of the REAL memo when it is released, something Dumocrats are trying mightily to prevent because the content is damaging only to Dumocrats. And they're frightened.

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