Monday, February 5, 2018

"Cuz' Obama's Gone!"

"Experts" are telling us that the DECREASE in gun sales in Virginia is due to Obama not being in office any more. "Experts" are rarely right, but nobody seems to notice. But in this case, they're "right on." People no longer fear a major federal law coming down the pike to take away their guns, since Trump would veto any such bill before it can become law. Other "experts" poo-poo that idea, saying the decrease is a "natural phenomenon." They're right, too. It IS, with Trump in office.

DEPENDING ON PRODUCERS: Socialism cannot be sustained on it's own. It DEPENDS on the producers of new wealth to do so in order that they may STEAL part of the fruits of that production for the benefit of those who do not produce ANYTHING. That's something the promoters of socialism never tell you, although it is evident to those of us who can THINK. Socialism is an economic theory that is based on THEFT; theft of the fruits of the production of new wealth for "redistribution." Socialism will always fail eventually, as it did in Russia and is even now failing in Venezuela, because it produces NOTHING on its own, and the producers soon learn they don't get to keep what they earn, so they quit producing new wealth, or move elsewhere.

NOBODY SHOWED UP: Anti-gun fools had a "mass gathering" of other anti-gun fools and only about a dozen fools showed up. Others most likely realized (finally) that their usual anti-gun fool actions are USELESS and no longer wanted to waste their time and money. I've heard of a number of such failed gatherings recently, as more and more people realize that their ideas don't work. "No-gun zones," for instance: take a look at how many instances of gun violence they have stopped: NONE. Potential shooters SEEK OUT "no-gun zones" in which to do their dirty work because they know that law-abiding people will leave their guns at home, making them "easy targets."

"RACIST" AGAIN, HUH? Dumocrats are calling Trump racist (again) because he wants to keep GITMO open. What rationalization leads to that, I don't know. We don't have any other viable place to keep terrorists (Islamic or otherwise). We shouldn't put them in our usual prisons because they will use their stay there to RECRUIT the malcontents that live there. That would allow them access to a massive number of malcontents, and those are the kind of fools they WANT in their ranks. Obama tried to put some in an Oklahoma prison and was rebuffed. So he turned them loose. And many of them went back to the battlefield and killed some more Americans.

TRUMP GETS THE BLAME: Liberal fools keep saying that TRUMP is moving us "dangerously close to nuclear war" when it is Kim Jong Stupid who has been 'picking" at us for years and threatening nuclear war if he ever gets a nuke he can send our way. If he'd just shut the hell up, Trump wouldn't even notice his existence. But he won't. He won't be satisfied until we make his predictions come true and drop a nuke down his throat. Of course, he'll be dead then, along with a bunch of his citizens, but he doesn't appear to be intelligent enough to figure that out.

BIG SURPRISE! The Dumocrats didn't like a single thing Trump said in his "State of the Union" message. Not even the things they usually champion, because Trump said it. Are we surprised? Not a chance. Now we have a dump truck hit by a REPUBLICAN train outside Charlottesville. Not a train CARRYING Republicans, but a REPUBLICAN TRAIN. Intimating that it was the Republicans who were "driving the train" and spotted that dump truck, and decided to "wipe it out." Typical Dumocrat response. Use anything they can to make Republicans look bad, even if they have to twist the facts to do it.

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