Thursday, February 8, 2018

End FISA "Courts"

They're an abomination. They're used cynically to make a PRETENSE of court action when the government wants "cover" when they spy on American citizens. As with "Grand Juries," only ONE SIDE is presented, and the "judges" don't ask many questions, and just "rubber stamp" the request. It was the FISA Court that authorized the "spying" on Trump's campaign by the Obama/Clinton forces, and it was that phony "Trump Dossier" bought and paid for by the Hillary campaign that was used to fool the judge into "legalizing" their spying. Not that the judge needed much convincing. It's a "Kangaroo Court" weighted heavily in favor of the government.

ANOTHER CONTINUING RESOLUTION: Dumocrats have been BLOCKING a real "budget bill, and the specter of a "government shutdown" seems to be looming every few weeks because Dumocrats hold things up because of their "hate Trump" campaign that keeps them from voting for ANYTHING Trump comes up with. We just had a futile THREE DAY shutdown, and another is now looming. If we pass yet another CR, that will take us until the middle of March, when we will have ANOTHER threat of a "government shutdown." Of course, Dumocrats are blaming Trump, saying he hasn't come up with a budget bill that could pass, which is a LIE. He has, but Dumocrats vote it down.

"AMATEUR ADJUDICATION": That's what they call it when a couple of (unnamed) lawyers who USED TO be connected with the Mueller "investigation" told them Mueller is "on the verge" of indicting President Trump on charges of obstruction of justice because they THINK he tried to block Mueller's "investigation" into the Russian Connection hoax. Never mind he has been completely UNABLE to find ANY evidence of such a collusion in more than a year of trying. One of the lawyers says, "I'd bet against the president,"  an illustration of just how outlandish a thing this is. Mueller is DESPERATE. Any prosecutor could "indict a ham sandwich," and that's what he'd be doing if he indicted Trump.

PROSECUTORS HATE SELF DEFENSE: In a recent case where a girlfriend's husband attacked a man and he shot him, the prosecutor said the injures "weren't serious enough to warrant shooting." Apparently, this prosecutor wants him to wait until he gets some SERIOUS injuries before he defends himself. Maybe even serious enough to kill him. Luckily, the jury disagreed, and acquitted him. What an ABSURD wish that is! When you're being attacked, you don't have time to register the "seriousness" of the injuries being inflicted on you before you defend yourself.

KEEPING CHURCHES DEFENSELESS: In Florida, Dumocrats are trying HARD to prevent churches from allowing their law-abiding parishioners to bring their guns when they attend services. They would rather they be KILLED if some fool came into the church and murdered them. HR-39, which removed the right of someone with a "carry permit" to be able to carry it where someone might accidentally see it, including churches. This bill ignores such cases as the female doctor in Texas who had to leave her legally carried gun in the car when she and her parents entered a restaurant that was posted as a "gun-free zone." She had to stand by and watch while a gunman entered and murdered her parents, right in fromt of her.

MANY STUPID REPORTERS: There are many stupid reporters in the liberal media, and Ryan Cooper of The Week (whatever that is), says we need to "scrap the Constitution, an outdated, malfunctioning piece of junk." That reveals a depth of stupidity I didn't think was possible, even among liberal news-people. These are the people, you'll remember, who worry about how many scoops of ice cream Trump allows his guests, and how many HE takes. Things that are patently unimportant and irrelevant. If they had anything REAL against him, they'd use it. But they don't, so they talk incessantly about piddling, unimportant things like that, and their imaginary stories about his infidelity, something they not only ignored with Bill Clinton, but DEFENDED when they were forced.

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