Thursday, June 27, 2013

You Need ID to Get A Library Card

And to do almost everything else in this country except for one of the most important things you do—vote. For some reason (I know what it is) the liberals don’t want to require citizens to PROVE they’re citizens to vote. Not requiring photo ID lets people vote many times if they desire—and that’s what Obama and his “gang of thieves” wants because he figures most of those who DO vote many times will vote Democrat.

OBAMA KEEPING A PROMISE: Isn’t that SPECIAL? He promised to BANKRUPT the coal industry and he is working hard to do it. He didn’t say it out loud for the energy industry, but he’s working hard on that, too. We haven’t built a new refinery in 30 years because the red tape makes it too expensive; and he’s making it just as expensive to UPGRADE the old ones. Soon we will have no new refineries (actually, we already do) and that’s what he wants.

DESTROYING THEMSELVES: Everything I write about is common sense if you pay attention to what your incompetent (mostly) politicians are doing to you. Everything they do moves us closer to failure as a free nation (liberals, mostly) and I tell them about it, as much as I can. But most people aren’t listening. And others just want “a free ride” and don’t care what the end result will be as long as that “free ride” lasts as long as they live. So they vote for every “freebie” they see, not caring that they are DESTROYING their country, making it into a socialist country like Russia.

FIRE THEM FOR TAKING THE FIFTH: There’s a move afoot to FIRE people like Lois Lerner (IRS official who ran the office that originated the move to use the IRS to hassle conservative organizations asking for tax-free status while “fast-tracking” liberal ones, including the one run by Obama’s brother) who refuse to testify and “take the Fifth” to avoid it. But I doubt such a law will ever be passed by the politicians in this country, who all know someday it might “save” them when THEY get “caught.”

“WHAT PART OF CAN’T AFFORD IT DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND? That’s a question I want to ask of Obama who seems to think making a LAW forcing Americans to buy health insurance or face a fine is the way to go in a supposedly free country like America. If you can’t afford health insurance, what earthly good does a LAW do? And adding further insult to this injury is giving people who simply cannot afford to buy something a fine for not doing what they can’t afford is an OUTRAGE. If they can’t afford to buy it, they damn sure can’t afford to pay a damned fine!

WORRIED ABOUT THEIR TWINKIES: The world is going bankrupt because of the FOOL decisions made by our incompetent politicians; Obama is set to make this country into the “Socialist Wonderland” that betook Russia for 70 years until they ran out of other people’s money and it collapsed. Life, as we used to know it will soon be OVER; and all people are worried about is “when will Twinkies come back?” and “what’s Kim Kardashian doing today? Damn, are they STUPID! It’s Vladmir Lenin and the Soviet SOCIALIST Union all over again, but this time it is US! This is making sure I won’t be sorry when my time is up. I won’t have to live through the results.

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