Thursday, June 6, 2013

Afraid of Being Called Bigot

A judge recently allowed the guy who KILLED several people at Ft. Hood to keep his Muslim beard, and another judge allowed him to be his own defense attorney so he could spout his Islamic terrorist crap to the world while cross-examining the very people he TRIED to kill while killing others—and the people on “The Five” on fox figure they did it because they were “afraid of being called bigots” by Muslims. Why should ANYBODY care about what Muslims say?

THAT’S WHAT YOU GET: When you LIE for the president. I don’t know if it’s a PROMOTION, but Susan Rice, the UN Ambassador who LIED repeatedly for Obama, telling the world the LIE that four people were dead because of a silly video that nobody had even yet seen was the cause of the Benghazi killings when it WAS a terrorist action, which Obama didn’t want us to know, is now his National Security Adviser. I guess she proved her value to the “liar-in-chief.”

He talks about their ideas being “controversial” as if that were a BAD thing. They’re only “controversial” to HIM. What about HIS ideas? Are they “controversial?” Not to him, apparently, but DEFINITELY to me; and those IRS victims. He doesn’t care about LIBERAL applicants, whose applications went through QUICKLY. He says we ought to tell the IRS what questions are proper and which aren’t. If we did that, they’d “come down us like a ton of bricks.” From some of the questions I heard, they should KNOW which questions are inappropriate without us “instructing” them.

CHRYSLER REFUSES RECALL: Some unnamed bureaucrat in the government decided, in his “wisdom,” that Chrysler should recall millions of vehicles because of a supposed tendency to catch on fire. Which they haven’t proved. Chrysler should SUE the government for libel. But that won’t happen. When an unnamed bureaucrat decided something, that’s IT, according to the government, and they’ll spend millions to MAKE you do what they order, then fine you as much as it cost them to force you, to pay for it. IN any case, it’s going to cost you BIG BUCKS to fight it. (Update: Today, the very next day, Chrysler announced the very recalls they REFUSED yesterday. I guess Obama's thugs "made them an offer they couldn't refuse.)

THEY ARE SO F. O. S.: (“Full of Sh-t). The “climate change” fools have a new slogan, reacting to the news that the climate hasn’t changed for years. They don’t even slow down. They just say, ”Looks like we’re been given a second chance to save the world.” I swear to God, these people are experts at the “con art.” Whatever happens or doesn’t happen, they’ve got the answer. And AlGore is the worst of them. He doesn’t believe it, but he thought it would be a good con and it has been: it has made BILLIONS for him, and many other people. And ignorant people buy their bull.

GETTING TIRED OF IT: I’m getting really tired of getting up each morning and having to report on Obama’s latest outrage. Today it’s forcing Verizon to turn over the telephone records of its customers. What’ll it be tomorrow? Obama is CLEARLY setting himself up to be the DICTATOR of America—and nobody seems to have the gonads to do something REAL about it. Lindsey Vaughn (who hasn’t been near a ski slope in months, was suddenly “escorted” off the “red carpet” at an awards ceremony, humiliating her, and made to pee in a cup while somebody watched her. Sheesh!

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